Guys any one please give me suggestion

Guys acutally just now i had a argument
With one of my classmate

And he blocked my no

He was the only one in my class with whom i used to give tests and all things

Now , guys can any one of you sujest me what can i do ??

I am in a very huge stress



Never Ever Rely on anyone for anything. You alone are Enough for everything :raised_hands: . So if he blocked you then it’s okk just Smile and say to yourself that Whoever wants to go then just go , I m Enough for me and for my life to achieve anything :fire:


Bro if you dont mind , can i ask…WHERE DO YOU LIVE??

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I live in Uttar Pradesh, India

Oh i thought you live in Andra pradesh because i had a rewire companion here . He was yash21 . But then he left rewire companoin and never joined again

I am from PRAG RAJ uttarpradesh

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Okk ok…btw what’s ur age and studies?


But first you will have to tell me your age and job :slightly_smiling_face:

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:man_facepalming:t2:… 19M … doing

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I am going to be 22 and i am doing History Hon. from lucknow

Now i feel upset that i am still graduating
But its ok

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Have you ever thought to prepare for upsc??

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Okk… don’t feel upset for such things bcz everyone has its own timezone !!

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Actually I was preparing for NEET…and maybe in future I’ll prepare for UPSC but now I can’t say confirmly !!

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Oh, now i understood the whole thing what you wana say

Its ok , go on bro

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From when you are trying no fapp??

And what difficulties you are facing ??
May be i can help you🤔

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I m trying NoFap from past 2 years. Main difficulty I m facing is to avoid Sexual Content …but now I m doing great work on it .
BTW what’s ur current streak?

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I am trying no fapp from 1.5 years

My current streak is 4 days .

Whats your streak??

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Okk ok
Mine CS: 4 days :sweat_smile:

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Whaaaat​:smiley::joy: ok dont watch dirty content . You just need to stop it forever

You dont need it bro

Do you have some stress in life or past traumas??

Have you done lots of research on no fap??

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Yea… I was suffering from deep depression , Insomnia, anxiety, etc but now Condition is little bit okk however not completely cured !!
Yeah i have so much knowledge about nofap and all :sweat_smile:

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bro i am not joking . Belive me or not but pmo will kill you . As you already have so much experience that i dont need to tell you much but it will kill you bro .

Pmo will kill you . Stop doing it from now

Day by day its becoming hard you know

Please dont take it as a joke

It have already distroyed our life

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