Guide me for higher streak

Guys, I have been struggling to make higher streak and not able to cross 3 days itself.

Guide me and give me some tips to make long streaks

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Why do you relapse?
1.Identify your Triggers and make a plan to avoid them.
2.Do a digital detox for at least 1 week(depends on how long you want your streak, u may need another detox when withdrawal symptoms start or get worse ) Watch no movie or seasons. Don’t use social media at all. busy. Plan your day. Keep yourself occupied with studies or work.
4. Make a daily routine that includes 10 minutes of thinking (about bad effects of porn and masturbation and make a plan to avoid relapse), meditation and light to moderate or intense exercise. Running is awesome.
5. Don’t be alone. Avoid friends or people of bad company that motivate or talk about porn and masturbation. Spend time with friends and family.
6.instead of getting entertained from a TV, computer or mobile screen, get entertained by reading good and non trigger containing books.
7.if you are follower of a religion then practice your relegion. Ask for God’s help. When you feel like relapsing, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Then feel like you are in front of God and talk to Him. Tell your problems and ask for His help.
8.Fasting and cold showers, these two are the weapons of highest streakers and those that successfully quit porn and maturation.When you fast, you have desire to eat and drink and you can train your mind to control these desires and divert your mind to a task. You then apply what you learn to your sexual desires and porn addiction urges.
9.Remember you learn with every mistake and each time you relapse and then start this journey of no PMO again, you know alot more about yourself and about this PMO stuff and are better equipped. A time will come when you know everything you have to do to quit PMO… U then just need to believe in yourself and be disciplined.


Hey @Fearless.soul

I think @NeverGiveup420 has given you some good hints here.

I would like to add that it depends a bit on how long you have been doing NoFap and what you have tried and what you haven’t tried. When I started NoFap, I was mostly doing the willpower method. Over time, I learnt more about my triggers and the things that @NeverGiveup420 mentioned. However, despite reaching longer streaks (150 days twice, a couple of 90+ streaks), I would still relapse in a weak moment. I’ve found that for myself, the mistake was still in my mindset. Deep in my core, I still thought that porn was something I was being deprived of and that I was missing out on some sexual experience. Reading this book helped me bring that to light:

So, I’d recommend reading that book.

Take care.