Greetings from RemyDR

Hi, folks. Names Remy and I am 34 years old. New here but not necessarily new to no fap. My main goal is to give up porn though masturbation bothers me less. I have noticed that porn just makes me feel more depressed and lonely. Porn doesn’t only make men more critical of women’s appearance, but it makes men feel inadequate about themselves. We don’t all look massive gorillas humping women like horny dogs. Porn gives the impression that that is what all women secretly want. I want to find someone and have a happy relationship and healthy, fulfilling sex life together. Ending my porn addiction will be a huge part of that.


Then, march forward brethren, Whole community stands with you

Welcome RemyDR, I wish you get well :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community, Remy. Great to read your message and that’s very clear thinking on your part.

All the best and look forward to hearing from you in future as well!

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