Great downfall of my life

This is one of the most miserable moments in my life, i’m addicted to masturbation. I feel horrible and miserable, i keep failing. I just can’t do this. I need help


i feel you with this. for the past decade i’ve been a slave to it. Im hoping though that i can overcome it. dont feel horrible about failing instead, see it as another opportunity to change. if you really cant resist the urge, you dont need to abstain for months on end just like what other people do. instead, you could try doing it with small steps. slowly wean it out of your system.

from doing it “__” times a day, you can reduce to only once every 2 days, then once every 3 days, and so on and so forth, then gradually try to increase the intervals between your relapses and sooner or later, you’d be able to stop it from being a habit. That’s how i got rid of some of my bad habits and im trying to do the same thing with my problem with masturbation.

i hope you find success friend!