Great discovery, new motivation

Hi guys.
I have to tell you that I have found again the motivation, this path is more important than what I thought.
Since I stopped fapping, I’ve started getting along with my brother but then relapsed multiple times. Seeing that he and I continued to get along, then apparently I no longer saw the need for such a path.
Then I discovered that we continued to get along because the effect of the past positive days remained.
But then I discovered that my paranoia and selfish fixations had returned, which again, as in the past, took over my good intentions of doing good to others.
The cause of this is that fap removes emotions completely.
When you fapping once after a long time, then you don’t seem to see any worsening, and there is the deception, that the side effect can occur even after a day of happening.
The deception is that when you do not see worsening, then you say to yourself: “Then this was not the cause, all suggestion.”, Then you feel authorized to continually relapse, having the false belief that you are out of danger, but with the days you will see the consequences.
Your selfishness that takes over any kind of emotion, which are suppressed by the fap.
In addition, I was infinitely missing the whirlwind of emotions (both positive and negative) that I had during the nofap journey (I am an extremely sensitive person) and that I had totally lost since I did the relapse continuously.

I hope that this experience of mine will be useful to those who have the illusion that relapse, once the relationships are fixed, does not spoil the situation.

Nofap makes your life an adventure, to be lived infinitely, and not to be stopped at any moment in your life.
The nofap must last all the lifetime.
Ejaculation is so powerful that it can create another life. it should not be wasted!
That’s enough! Suppress the emotions so as not to face them! You will infinitely regret not having lived your life!




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