Govind-19 diary entries

Day 22

I’m gonna keep this one short coz I’m super sleepy.

I woke up today at 5:30ish and I did my morning workout. The muscle groups hit:

Traps X2
Forearms X2
Calves X2

My traps, calves were still sore from the last days workout, and appart from that all of the muscles I hit in the last couple of days were hurting too. My whole body hurts now. And I love it! Anyway later I had my classes. I kinda realised that I forgot to submit my assignment, mailed it to the professor late. But the good thing was that all of my best friends forgot to submit it too, so we were on the same boat. After the classes I watched a movie called " hardcore Henry" . The movie was epic but definitely 18+. Lot of violence, lots of blood. But it was fun to watch. There’s nudity in it too, but it doesn’t really bother me. In the evening, I played badminton with my friends. It was fun, but since my muscles were sore, I couldn’t play to the best of my capabilities. After dinner I submitted my interpretation of statutes assignment and prayed. That’s about it! Ciao!


Lol yeah! I got the same consecrator vibes from him as well. :joy::weight_lifting_man::weight_lifting_man:


Day 23

I woke up later than I expected. I woke up at 6:30… and all of my upper body was still sore as fuck. So I diclared it as a rest day and went for a long ass walk. I walked for almost 2 hours, approximately 7-8 Kms. After that I had classes, boring as usual. Later I watched a movie called Hitman. It was mediocre at best, doesn’t do the games any justice. Anyway, the evening turned out to be fantastic! So the plan was to go play badminton with my friends as usual at 6. But my neighbour Chechi called me to play badminton in a different indoor court with her friends from her apartment and I played with them from 4-5. There were just 4 of us, so no rest, in that one hour we played like 5 games. Then I went to play with my friends at the usual place and we played for another 2 hours. It was amazing. I have improved a lot with my game. I can hit smashes with more power and accuracy now. I had a lot of fun playing with all of them so in total I played for 3 hours. Combine that with the 2 hour walk, then that’s 5 hours of activity. And people call me inactive,lol. Anyway that’s all that happened today. I’m a go pass the fuck out! Peace out!

Oh and also I got my results from last sem. I got 66% in total. To get 60 and above is a great thing in law school, so to me this is a great achievement! Yea that’s it!


Who calls you inactive :joy:, If you are intactive then all others are dead already.


Day 24

I woke up at 7 in the morning. I had to go to church so I got ready and went to church! Chilled with my bros there for a while! For the last couple of Sundays there has been a lot of new chicks showing up at church! Aaaannnddd a lot of them have been giving me stares​:smirk::smirk::smirk:. I’m committed, but a little attention from the ladies doesn’t hurt.

I started watching yu yu hakusho today. It is like the OG shonen anime! I wanted to watch something non triggering as my flatline will hit soon and I might get triggered by some of then anime girls. Yu yu hakusho as far as I know is non triggering so yeah. I have watched it before and I remember it’s climax but I don’t remember the in between part. So I decided to watch it.

The evening was better than yesterday. I had such a busy schedule with playing. So from 4:20-5:10 I was playing badminton with my neighbors in one indoor stadium! I played for 50 minutes continuosly about 5 games! Right after that I left to a football turf! I played football with my friends from 5:30 to 6:20. That’s another 50 minutes of continuous football playing. Right after that I left to the usual indoor court and played badminton with my friends from 6:30-7:15. That’s another 45 minutes of badminton!
Yep, that’s a lot of cardio, and today was supposed to be my rest day! Anyway, my muscles aren’t sore anyone so weight training will resume form tomorrow onwards!

Yea that’s all that happened today. Now I’ll have dinner then prayer and I’ll pass the fuck out! Peace :v:


@GOVIND-19 there are essentially two types of rewirers

  • Type 1: Convince themselves nofap is easy and porn gave them nothing and that they were never addicted to porn anyway.
  • Type 2: Agree that nofap requires discipline and embrace that becuase you have to man up and do hard things.

You and I are type 2 rewirers. I’m not going to talk about the type 3 rewirers who have ascended beyond body form and all becuase idk what’s even going in there, since I’m still in my body :man_shrugging:

People often say nofap is easy becuase it’s just like watching others smoking- we feel disgusted when we see others smoke and we never want to stoop to their level.

The only issue with this is that they are treating PMO like smoking-as if they’ve never done it. That’s wrong. We’re here to recover from the addiction, so our reaction to smoking is more like an ex-chain smoker’s reaction, not someone who has never smoked.

Nothing against type 1 rewirers, if it works, it works and I’m happy for them. But I’m type 2 for the above reason and also for the fact that this propels me to do hard things in other areas of life as well.

That being said, don’t be in the I can’t fap mentality, be in the I don’t fap mentality. There’s a difference.


Much appreciated bro! And yeah, the I don’t fap mentality is super powerful! But you can’t get cocky either right. I’m trying to be as confident and careful at the same time! Ok ciao


The man who wrote the EasyPeasy book was an addict to pornography and masturbation for more than 2 decades - longer than most of us in the forum. He can certainly relate to the issues we have experienced. He found it extremely difficult to quit for years until discovering Allen Carr’s method to quit smoking, and adapting it for PMO.

Allen Carr himself was a similar case, he was a chainsmoker for decades, smoking up to 100 cigarettes a day until he learned this method.

The EasyPeasy book agrees that thousands of people have become free from PMO through discipline and hard work. Hundreds of thousands of people all around the world have, millions even. But they can still be vulnerable if the desire to PMO is still inside them. We see it all the time in the community - someone with great, inspiring habits and daily activities leaves them for a few days due to fatigue, and they report that they peeked, then we hear that they went back to a full-blown PMO binge. They still wanted to do PMO, but their discipline and hard work distracted them from that desire.

The book is different because it removes that desire first, and now you can be disciplined not to avoid PMO, but to truly live the life you want to live as a free man who has been released from prison after many years.

@GOVIND-19 Keep going strong brother, you’re doing great! 2021 is our year :+1::fire:


I strongly agree with you brother, I was not able to cross 12 days of streak since past half year, I read easy peasy and now I am on 14th day of streak and didn’t find this difficult at all. I don’t wanna be that guy who spreads their propaganda regarding anything but easy peasy worked like a charm for me, even though I haven’t read it completely, but I have read it to the point that I know I am never going back.


@Forerunner :sweat_smile: I wasn’t referring to easypeasy when I was talking about the smoking thing but rather some of the people here who use easypeasy.

I don’t deny that easypeasy is a good method:

  • Psychologically, it’s the best method. It inculcates identity-based behavioral changes rather than outcome-based ones. This results in long lasting change.
  • It does aid in removing mental barriers. I especially love going through the affirmations at the end of the book. Yes, I do use the easypeasy method to combat urges as well, by remembering I’m above them and there’s nothing to return to anyway.
  • It does provide some good advice.

However, I’m also more into the ‘do hard things’ rewiring idea because I want to inculcate the discipline and discipline and decision to do hard things from noFap into other areas of life. Again, it’s all about balance. I understand the psychology behind the easypeasy method, but the book is also skipping on a few habit-psychology parts. But I can’t deny that it’s a good idea and that it works.

Ideally, it’s best to have a balance between both methods. I do this, and the first person I saw who implemented this, I think, would be @Tagore .

Anyways, keep going!


Bro what is the method written in easy peasy to tackle urges . I read only 1-2 chapters and found no method in it lol

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@Dean_Ambrose basically easypeasy says you are no longer a user, so you don’t care about urges, it’s just withdrawal symptoms that show that the PMO inside you is dying.

It’s good to remember that you’re above urges.

Personally though, I find it better to absorb urge energy and to literally picture myself incinerating those urges :fire:


Day 25

I’m gonna keep this one short. I think I had a wet dream last night, or a nightfall…I don’t really know the difference between the two. If anyone knows the difference, do lemme know. Anyway, when I woke up there was no evidence of it. I don’t remember if I actually had a dream of the sexual nature. The only dream I had was about my pet fish dying and to my surprise it did​:sob:. But I dreamt about my blue fish dieing bit it was the red one that died. Anyway, I slept in today, woke up late. I did it on purpose, I real did need a rest day. Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be my rest days but they turned out to be way more active than the rest of the week so I decided to just rest completely today. That’s exactly what I did. I chilled all day. I didn’t play. I didn’t workout either. After classes I just watched yu yu hakusho. Then me and my friends had an epic and the most productive discussion on the upcoming movie Kong Vs Godzilla :joy::joy::joy:. Anyway, since we were on the topic, I decided to catch up with the story so far. So I watched Kong skull island and I watched like 20 minutes of Godzilla 2. I’m gonna watch attack on Titan now, episode 5&6 are already out. So I’m gonna watch that. And I also got a haircut yesterday so I look much better than I usually do. I decided to keep the front long and curly and faded the sides and back. I now have a curly fringe as my hairstyle. I forgot to mention that in my diary yesterday. Yep that’s it. So much for keeping it short lol.


Honestly I was surprised to see so much activity in my diary today. Usually only 2 or 3 people actually read my diary entries and I kinda know the reason why. Its not really inspirational or fun to read as it just what I do everyday. But when I saw people actually discussing things here I was taken a back. It felt good to see people sharing their thoughts here. It’s all super informative and really helpful. I thank y’all for that! @Ash_Matt @Dean_Ambrose @Samaranjay @Forerunner


I also had that kind of thing in my dream once about 2-3 days back, I thought I had nightfall but no evidence in the morning :joy:, also in one or two of my dream I refrained from ejaculating Lol :joy:, I don’t know what people call that.


Day 26

It was Republic Day so I didn’t have classes. I tried to wake up early but I didn’t. But I did my morning workout anyway, I did more than I usually do.

Muscle groups hit:
Chest X2
Upper back X2
Middle back X2
Lower back X2
Bisceps X2
Quads and hamstrings X2

By the time I got over with my workout, it was noon. So technically I had a brunch then. After that me and my dad went to a KIA and a TATA showroom to look for cars. After returning they went to my aunt’s house and I was left home alone. I tried my best to sleep but I couldn’t. Soon after, I was called to play badminton with the neighbors and I went to the nearby indoor court. I played for almost 45 mins. Then I returned and went to church. We had a meeting and a councilling session for the youth members followed by biryani :wink:. It was fun. Food wise, I’m not really happy about what I ate today, I drank a glass of sprite, which I never do. I gave up soda a long time ago and drinking even one glass made me feel weird. I ate chocolates and unniappam as well. All of which are not good for my health. I need to be more careful about what I eat. That’s about it. Peace


Yes brothers I agree with what @Ash_Matt had said. We are the people who started out on high speed internet pornography and a lot solid, physical change is needed to rewire our brain and that won’t be easy as said in the book easypeasy.
Trust me, I have read and studied that book from line to line and I implemented it in my life as well. But ‘do the hard shit’ mentality is also required to get out of this addiction. Especially in the beginning, you’ll get urges on some days. There maybe days you’ll feel lonely, bored, stressed and want to escape life but the crutch that you always leaned on is not there and it normally will put you into suffering mode. Our Brian and body works that way.
But the easypeasy gets its importance as we go further into this journey. As we reach 90+, 100+ days etc we need to remember the concepts of that book to not go back into the addiction. There are thousands of people who beat this addiction once and will go back to square one. To avoid that we can use easypeasy.

To stop this addiction once and for all easypeasy will be very helpful.

But in the initial stages we need a David Goggins kind of attitude to get our shit together :sweat_smile:
This is what I’ve learned from experience; it depends

Btw, bro @GOVIND-19 I loved the way you write this diary man. Your diary is fun to read. Keep going; you are killing it dude :muscle::muscle:


Day 27

I don’t remember when I woke up but it was definitely not early. Anyway I had my classes and I started working out during my classes.
Muscle groups hit:

Shoulders and traps X2
Triceps and forearms X2
Hips, glutes and calves X2

By the time I was done with my workout it was 12 in the noon. So now I had to have brunch. I doubled down on what I ate and had a heavy brunch. I’m going to list it down here for context on what happened next. I ate 8 chappatis, 4 boiled eggs in the egg curry, I bowl of mung beans curry. That’s a monstrous amount of food. And I was full. Atleast I thought I was.

But then, I forgot I had to go attend a function that my friend invited me for. It’s been 41 days since my friends father died and they had arranged a service after a mass at church. I promised him I would be there…but me being a dumbass forgot about the mass and I only remembered by the time my other friend called me to ask if I went. The mass was already over and only the lunch service was left. I went anyway just to go show my face atleast because I promised him and I decided not to eat the lunch they were offering. When I got there, my friends asked me to eat a little for formalities. I thought I can eat one plate of chicken biryani and kebabs and scoot. Because I know I can do it if I force myself. But as soon as I was done with plate one, my friend strolled in and dumped almost 2 plates worth of biryani in my plate and left. I was beyond full at this point and I had no idea how long I could force myself. I don’t like wasting food so I decided to push my limits. I barely finished the food and kebabs they gave me for round two. I washed all of it down desperately with water and drank the payasam that they gave. The food was at my throat and I feared if like. But I didn’t. I was low-key singing higher in the background while I was eating. Remember, that i ate all if this in a span of an hour.

By the time I got home, I knew I won’t be able to move anymore and I’d pass out soon after and I did. I woke up at 5 or something and my friends were up for a game of badminton. We played from 7-8:30pm and I came back. It was a fun game and I played continuously for that 1.5 hours. Honestly I don’t know how I managed to play with a full stomach. I came back and I’m gonna skip dinner. I’m pretty sure I ate a days worth of food in that one hour.

Just to give you all a picture, I’ll send a screenshot of my food log in healthify me. Just see how much calories I ate at one go…now was it healthy? Absofuckinglutely not!!! But I’m kinda proud of my capacity now. I’m gonna be on a detoxification diet for a couple of days now. That’s about it!

Yo 3500 calories in one meal is no joke! That’s a whole days worth of food, for me at least. Now y’all be thinking I’m some fat fuck! No I’m not. I just have a huge capacity!

This is my nutrient split. Look at them protein count!


Lol just because you eat much doesn’t mean you are fat bro, :joy: keep eating, keep working out. :muscle:


Man, You know what I have never ever consumed that much amount of calories in my life in a day !
:dizzy_face: :exploding_head: :sweat_smile:

Bro, 8 chappatis you are a beast or what, 4 boiled eggs too, I don’t believe you are a human, You are a Titan. How the hell does this amount of food is stored in your body. :sweat_smile:

How can you eat alot in a row ! How ?? :exploding_head:

That’s where I lack ! I waste food, rather than finishing eat.

From Tomorrow you are gonna see, I will push my limits.
And Eat atleast 2000 Calories.
You are Inspiration for me brother !
Keep Going Brother, I hope your injuries have been recovered.
Everything is going just as you planned

2021 is ours