Got some questions about Urges

Hey there
Hope you guys doing well

My question is

  1. how long does an urge last?

  2. Does the Urge get stronger and stronger if
    didn’t relapse for a long period of time?

  3. Will the Urge go away forever?

  4. how to control an urge if u didn’t see it

Stay strong my fellow companions we will get out of this mess


It can end in a second Or may take whole day & whole night.
It depands on your support.

Depands if we are edging . Urge will become stronger & stronger.
If we remain pure still our sensitivity towards a stimulus incteases. Increased sensitivity = Increased urge when something triggers us.

Hence answer is mixed. Actualy i have no experience of a long streak.
I dont know about it.

I dont know.
sexual transmutation theory says urge converts into motivation.

Very Very Very HARD.
Stay Alert.
I cant say how to control when urge comes without invitation. All of a sudden.
I have failed myself many times in these cases.
Just be ready for anything.


Hey there though questions you have here.

Well like @Powerfulman answered in a question or 2 there is different answers.

Well firstly some urges pass quick and others last quite a while it depends on your activity (sexually eg. Through porn or pics or edging)

If you don’t do any of these the urges are relatively small and pass quickly. But the longer your streak gets you might experience some strong urges around day 30 to day 100 at first if you reach it for the first time. Since this is a habit and your body wantd it super bad by then.

Also sometimes beating your previous best streak you might receive strong urges leading around that day. Say if you reach 15 days for example on day 13 to 16 or a bit longer if you beat it as your body is use to doing it at this interval of time.

For long streaks well on somedays where I am now somedays I have a big urge and somedays I don’t have an urge at all, but this is also normal since your sex- hormone Testosterone also increase as some studies have shown.

For me the intensity of the urge feels kinda the same now should I have a big urge again. But I don’t have big urges everytime like I maybe once a month or so. It’s also going to change should your streak extend it might all just be small urges. But like I said some days I don’t have any urges.

Well most urges hit a person unexpectedly the best thing is to calm yourself down. I know at the start a quick wash down there have aroused some urges. The best thing is to avoid touching should you feel that way and wash another part of you until you feel better. But in general jhst try not to think about it too much by occupying your thoughts with something like reading or a hobby that you have.

Urges is a hard thing to predict as some are totally random like you get one just waking up from a sex dream for example. The thing I did is I just lay there and just calm down until either I feel the urge has died out by itself and if it gets too intense you just stand up and walk away. That is not as easy but it is a way to control yourself.

Take charge and action according to your circumstances, but should you wanna beat it a hard way at first but soon you’ll handle it easier by just calmly observe what your body is doing. Then the rest is easy.

Don’t edge and also pratice this basic concept.

Don’t touch, don’t look( or watch) and don’t think about it. It is hard but the earlier you practice this the easier it will become to handel.

Good luck, stay strong and awesome!

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@Powerfulman @Cubenix
Thanks a lot for the advice it really helped
I keep myself busy through out the day with hobbies and to do stuff so I don’t get strong urges or no urges but when I’m going to create a new record I get a strong which I couldn’t control
Will use your advice to conquer it
won’t lose HOPE💪