good morning everyone,, i need help...

good morning everyone, I am a 31 year old man, I write from Italy, unfortunately I have been a slave to pornigraphy and masturbation for many years and I would really like to stop, unfortunately I can not go beyond a week of abstinence, I would like to have some advice from your part on how to resist the temptation and finish my rehabilitation, I really hope you can help me.


Good morning, it’s time to stop here is the solution.


After reading this book, you will wonder how you got stuck in addiction for so long. It’s literally like turning a key in your head


Where focus goes energy flows. If you need some change, shift your focus/thinking first…

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thanks, can you recommend me some programs to block porn on pc, smartphon etc?

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Lately it has been effective for me…try it
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I left the video tutorial here, again I say it is in my language. however, it is a good tutorial if you have any questions. and besides the video I left the download links below. You choose the option that seems most comfortable to you.

There is a program that blocks pornography on the PC, I use it.

However, the video is in my language.

Then, follow these steps if you want to block pornography without a PC.

Click on the marked link

Open this page

Below you have the download options, choose according to your windows

2021-01-06 (3)

After following all the steps you will have this file, and just decode it. It Works very well. I use a lot of time

No Porn Windows 7: Drive

No Porn Windows 7: Mega

No Porn Windows Drive

No Porn Windows Mega

I got rid of my cell phone a long time ago, but a very good and free blocker is the bulldog blocker you have in the play store


many thanks to all of you!

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