Gonna study for 3hrs straight

I m gonna start a challenge for studying 3hrs straight
I know it’s less but I m also a beginnner
So if anyone has guts
Just join me and post your study time honestly
I will post mine in evening

Day 65🔥


Okay I accept
I will post my time at 10 pm
Let’s see who wins ?

Also I believe mere time doesn’t matter
Output is the key …

So I say we write our time and output achieved as well.

Time - will study for 10 hrs

Output - will finish 3 videos of my course and coursework

Yea sure bro
All the best

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So i did a 5 hr and output was only 33 percent
Today will do 10hr with 100 percent output

Progress is progress my friend
Whether it is 100% or 33%
You developed yourself and that’s all
I will try that I will also reach your level