Gonna Confess everything throughout this journey in this thread

Hi, I am on a journey of 365 days no fap. but I’ve made it in parts. My first goal is 30 days. Today is the day 2. It’s morning now(5:00 am). Yes I got up this early because of a hard boner. As I’ve never got any wet dreams I usualy wake up , masturbate and again sleep. But today is a different day. I can’t just sleep with a hard on ( size is big and so becomes uncomfortable) so I am on my rooftop for starting my yoga day 1. Got some youtube videos and started doing beginner stages. In the mean time my erection gone and I was feeling much energetic. But out of no where I am getting a strong erection again feeling like I’ll relapse without even touching my dick. My skin and balls down there are really sensitive today and with a slight touch with the yoga mat is taking me to the edge. So I thought of taking out my phone and write down all these things happening to me. Hope it’s gonna help me.
Tell me if this kind of sensitivity happens during no fap or it’s just me.

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Hi good morning no fappers, I’m on my 3rd day of no fapping journey . I am on hard mode. I got up with a motivation that I have completed my two days journey. My dick was more excited than before may be he thought I’m going to give it a hug​:joy::joy:. Well jokes apart. I decided to be really tough on myself. I got up , did 100 push ups, 100 sit upswent to bathroom and took some selfies … looking at my pumped body I feel more motivated… then I took a chilling shower … My boner gone . But today my balls are feeling little pain… they are not saggy like before but they are more filled and softer. While doing sit ups I was feeling pain on my balls( is it normal) … otherwise I am feeling energetic, more masculine. And ya my porn addiction was minimal and now it’s completely gone… but the habit of touching my dick and balls has increased a lot… some times unknowingly I was stroking my penis but somehow I managed not to fap.
So I think I need to restrict myself with some punishments or so… because in subconscious it will help to avoid the habit … can anyone suggest me what punishment I can give to myself that will help me not to touch and fap.

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Yeah, weird thing about nofap at first you feel very self aware especially with your member down there screaming for some attention. And the brain is trying to constantly trick you in like saying do it I know you want to and also gets exicted everytime you touch.

But yeah I also been there was strict on the one side and also allowed some touches and the necessary ones like to pee or to wash. When I started out on a journey I said no unnecessary touching unless for an adjustment was in order. But at nights in bed I have had a hard time staying away from touching down there.

Now it has subsided. It was a thing I did at night like holding and only holding no strokes or presses or squeeze to arouse me to fap. Just basically have a ‘cuddle time’ with it and I fall asleep in this position laying on my back.

Yeah I know very risky, but after the first week or so doing this, man it just gone I didn’t feel the need to touch that often or hold it at night. I could sleep like normal again.

It was kinda weird and I wanted ask for advice on avoid touching too much too, but I kinda allowed this to be an experiment and surpisingly workout for the better.

I think being strict with a little bit of controlled leniency here and there is a way to deal with it better and you might teach yourself the proper methods in beating it your way. (But porn must have no leniency at all) just kill that one.
And try to avoid edging as this will make the journey easier with lesser urges an also to control your touch time.

Anyways enough about that this is an awesome post and I wish you good luck on your journey ! And I will support and also go with you on this challenge since this is my goal too in the challenge I created where I intentionally relapse for a good cause and restart in to a clean new journey to bring hope!

Stay strong and awesome!

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I also have the habit… while sleeping I keep pressing my balls and dick. And I also sleep on my chest so my dick gets rubbed with my bed. So for a month I was sleeping with tight underwear but it was very uncomfortable and I was getting rashes. So I had to leave that plan. So after that I started to keep a cold bag between my thighs and it kept my balls and dick cold with less erection. It helped much better but it caused me a lot of precum secretion. in morning I used to see that precum allover my cock balls and belly…

Hi no fappers,
This is my day 4 starting.
Got up with a strongest boner but it went away easily. But today I am feeling emotionally devastated. I don’t know what but I am not liking anything. I am not getting that much urges but my mind is fucked up with no reason.
I haven’t done any exercise today… today I feel I am just a fucked up boy.

Hi people.
This is my 5th day.
I am feeling quite good today. I am getting less erections today… even today I woke up with a flacid dick which is quite rare for me. I don’t have that much urge to touch my dick and balls today. And I was never a porn addict but still used to see some kinky pics. But now I don’t feel to look at them…
So my experience is getting better… but one thing my balls are looking quite big and filled… and if I press it it’s very soft and little pain is there. And it’s getting pressed between my thighs… as I am not using any underwear.
And one thing I am not spreading that much precum I was doing yesterday… but still my area is continuously wet with precum… how to cure it

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