I am on my longest, almost 10 day streak. I have been doing good, but suddenly I have been having so many sexual thoughts/ thoughts that make me want to relapse. I haven’t yet, but I have gotten close several times. Is this normal? Any ideas to help stop it or do I just have to keep doing what has been working and push through? Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to the toughest phase of your streak where you are literally fighting with your own brain to stop this bad habit.

Things which might help you:
Remember morning evening and night are the most vulnerable spots for you to relapse, in some cases afternoon also come as an surprise package so make sure that.

First thing first at night put your phone on that part of area where you are least bothered to open in the morning or come close to. Use physical alarm clocks or wrist watches having alarm feature.
Do workout : it depends on you what type of workout do you want to do, just do it.
Whenever you get urges and you think that using phone can make me relapse then leave your phone behind and be patient at least when you are sure that you can use without any triggers.

And one more thing in this phase you will get a series of headaches, heart palpitations and increase in temperature of your body so don’t worry it will fade away Insha Allah.
But don’t relapse otherwise the heat will make you feel terrible, telling from my experience.

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Hey, one advice, keep your hands off, and keep moving don’t stay alon at home if you’re not doing anything, go out, walk or do something, connect with people. If you can do your work not at your home go do it somewhere else.

For me staying alone at home only drains my energy and brings me down and make me weak.


Thank you, this is all very helpful. 10 days now, I won’t give up. Thanks again :+1:

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Thank you for the advice!

You are welcome
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