Glad to have caught my addiction early

If I didn’t discover nofap early like I did last year after only a couple months of being addicted, I probably would have been heavily addicted by now, I had even discovered nofap before my addiction escalated to hardcore porn, I was only viewing softcore content like ig/tiktok models so I’m glad to have found nofap early, I started nofap in September last year, I had only been hooked on PMO for a couple months and it I was already addicted by this point, ive come a long way since then, I went from being someone who had almost no self control, to someone who has much better self control and mindset, I still relapse sometimes but they have reduced significantly since starting nofap, my addictions hold over me is reducing and im getting stronger physically and mentally, ive also been reading Easy Peasy to reinforce my mindset.


Lust and Fear is a battle we all have. The difference is where you chose to engage it.and what you use to combat it I’d say love and wisdom on anything or one you encounter.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you brother


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