Give any tips to stop watching


Before coming to this app, I was feeling that I was addicted to masturbation only and quitting watching porn(actress edits) will be easier for me…but actually my thoughts were wrong…

I am on my 4th day of 25 days monk mode…

And I saw videos and photos sterday night without fapping…(I couldn’t even control myself)

So guys I fear that continues watching without control will lead to masturbation…

So guys I request all of you to tell me some tips to not watching videos and photos…

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The Pluckeye app and app blockers.

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If there are any actresses photos in your albums, do delete them… Try and delete the apps where you used to peek. Replace PMO with some good habits.

You mentioned the word “Without control”, actually its all in our control. Having no control is only an excuse. If we want to resist, we can resist anything. The question is, do you want to resist?

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Yes brother…I will resist

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Make changes in your phone or any other device where u used to watch porn.

Change the layout. Change theme
Change wallpapers. (You can change it each day to feel fresh) Same wallpapers lead to boredom.
Change the position of your apps. Change font.

Physical changes:- don’t get into positions where you used to get triggered to watch porn. Like sofa, bed etc. Change bedsheets, Change bed postion. Change your positions of sitting. Stay active, stay hydrated. If you feel bored, keep your phone in another room where there are other people and then go to bed… take good sleep…

All of this is because fresh and active mind will not pull you towards short term pleasures. That’s the motto.


try to live in Open Air instead of Rooms
today we spend 24 hours in closed room
helps alot

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Easy peasy hack book by Alan Car

@Fearless.soul read this :point_up:. It will help you a lot

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Don’t just resist. Avoid temptations by deleting any explicit images. That way you don’t resist as much and increase any chance of failing.

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