Girl Attraction After 3 Months of Nofap Practice

I have read a lot of stories about girl attraction after practicing Nofap for at least three months and i thought it was not real but i also realized that it is true…

Girls get started attracting toward me because i didn’t start nofap to attract girls and in that months i just focus on to be a great personality by improving myself.

I start reading books, start networking with strangers, start exercising, was doing different businesses to learn new things, spend quality time alone, talking to myself etc.

Not even girls but many people start trusting me, i can easily maintain eye contact with them and they get depended on me by saying that it was nice to talk to you.

I received some messages from girls on instagram and i asked a girl that why are you texting me then she said me directly that i want to do sex with you.

I realized that it is the personality that people love because i improved my personality. Nofap will not work if you are not transmuting your semen energy to be a great personality.

I don’t care how much days i completed but for you motivation purpose i just remember that i started nofap practice on 1 January 2022 and you can count until now…

Indeed i don’t feel any urges by the grace of God and all the Credit goes to God who strengthen me a lot in every situation.

I am conducting a FREE webinar on Quiting PMO Where i will share the complete process how i Quit PMO and you will get a lot of things to apply in your Life.

If you will try to understand with your own brain or experience then it will take you years and you will get frustrated but you can learn from other people’s experience in few days.

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Note: I just need 10 participants who are seriously want to Quit PMO



very good brother! your story is another one that shows that beating yourself is possible!

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