Getting depressed.... Need of urgent help

Hello guys, I am very scared now. I have be en masturbating for over 12 years now. I used to masturbate almost daily. Now I am feeling very guily.
Before, I used to get erection only after touching with my hand.

Now even if I watch porn, I don’t get erection even I touch it with my hand. Please help me out guys.
I am really feeling depressed. What should I do??
Will nofap cure me completely??


You believe in God?

Anyways, yet there are some advice I may dare to give :grin:

Nofap won’t simply be a remedy/drug/pill that you take to cure, it’s more of a battle. It makes you understand better yourself. However, the spiritual strength is something you will develop in case you have absolutely decided to go on this way of self conquer. It is not easy in the beginning, I can tell by myself that I have already cried-laughed many times, been through dark places and even stayed days in bed trying to fight passion.
But if you endure and keep fighting, strength lies in the way.

Btw, there’s no importance in getting an erection. To defeat lust is to not care about this things anymore, but only see importance in how much greateness you are living, be it glory or success, and mainly how many people’s lives you are changing for good.

And in any case if it is too overwhelming, get help from communities, people and even doctors. There are plenty of ways to be helped and share your existence. There is always hope and always someone willing to serve others!

In case you care only about erection… go after medical support…

God bless you brother!


Truly helping others is one of the best ways to cure yourself from meaninglessness.


I think it can cure you, there are stories everywhere of cases of ED that have been cured by NF. So keep it up!! I myself didn’t have ED, but had soft erections, now on my 49 days streak I’m starting to have harder and harder erections.


Hey I have faced this as well bro. Don’t be scared. Porn, your death grip; hey remember death grip. You hold your penis like you choke someone’s neck! Then how will it function normally? Its normal for it to dysfunction.
I couldn’t get it up on p*** and even while touching as well at one of the Lowest point of my life.
Then I said, enough with the fucking shit and went for a 120 says brahmacharya streak and everything got cured like magic and I felt like the king of the world.
Then as I didn’t channel my very high sexual energy here Iam back to square one, fighting again

It will all get cured. Stop pmo and be celibate for 90-180 days. All the best to you.


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