Get out of the dark

I have been struggling with PMO since i was a teenager, i saw how this awful addiction destroyed my life , my dreams, the girl i loved, my goals, it made me lose bond with the people i loved, and i ended up creating an artificial and fake world , i had a lot of acne on my back, face, this shit destroyed me literally, this is my 43 day, i want to say goodbye to it, i want to be free again. If i quit now i know that i will be back to where i started, i know now the enemy i know how PMO will let me , enough of so many regrets, shame, pain, depression, anger, sadness, remorse, i want to get out of this darkness, i want to fight for my goals , to be able to make friends , beautiful memories, travel meet people i want my life to be meaningful, i want to say someday Iā€™M FREE!!!


Very Beautiful thoughts.
I am sure one day who both will be Free.

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You are not the only one i have been there i legit feel what you wrote this shit made me Lose soo many things in my life. Thus! I have decided to quit it for good like i will never watch porn or marstubate again i will never look back. Lets watch each others back my code is 01e5aa lets do it Brother!


Thank you so much for your support guys this is a great community, iam looking foward to be free from the chains of addiction !!!

Grats on your progress, stay strong.

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Thanks guys my code is 0a1038 :grin::grin: