Get Absolute F R E E D O MADTAKER

Half YEAR :white_check_mark: Completed…My :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: Steps Guarantee

:point_up:I love my GOD most it gives strength to my commitment.(True love has great power , u can do anything) Remember Only GOD can help & give strength to save u from this devils.(Addiction, P​:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:RN Industry , Social media Nudity)

:v:Commited on Day 1 – I swear to GOD that “All girls r my sisters.” it resist me to relapse.

:love_you_gesture:When I c any girl I say in my mind “What if She is my real sister.” it is urge destroyer.
it is a affirmation reprogram & strengthen my subconscious mind for relapse time

:raised_back_of_hand:I used my stored semen’s energy daily threw exercise, meditation or my creative frustration free work before sleep. it is a urge reducer.( Make a Purposefull Goal and do every right thing to achieve them and block every wrong thing who resist u to achieving the Ur goal )

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:I never think I’m free now…if u proud on ur streak …be alert always so don’t see or touch wrong stuff thats why I never use disgusting social media …I used this app & little try to help others.

For more details & proof of this steps U can read my firstly DAY 97 & then read DAY 150 POST and lastly read TRANSMUTATION POST…
Thankyou :blue_heart: WARRI​:earth_americas:RS :yellow_heart:

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