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Hey guys, I’m filled with negativity. It’s aa full package comes with always finding reason to be sad, depressed, “struggling” “victim”. Even I don’t know when I really get to be sad, or feel like a victim of unfortunate sequence of events. I don’t have close people, even though I have no problem sharing everything with few, but they are busy, maybe don’t care, and sure shouldn’t be babysitting me. As much as I tried to fit in, get closer to people, I failed, so I’m left with God ,God and I alone.

People drop kindness on the way but I understand they have their lives, and need to move on.

I feel disconnected from God, weak, idk how/what to pray, there is basic prayers, then I used to tell God stuff, but idk what to tell him. every thing in my life is my mistake, I didn’t deal well with X Y Z,…,well

I hate myself for failing every time, I feel like I want to relapse just to punish myself. I try to love my self, but it’s a rooted problem, years of practicing self hatred, negative thoughts and feelings. I’m blessed with everything thank God, but can’t seem to succeed or achieve or work on anything. I am my own problem, Idk how to get better, how to be better. And I lack the belief that I can get better, I don’t believe. I want to relapse so bad, to punish myself in a way.

I have 2 exams left before dropping out of university, can’t study, idk how to tell my family, they make it hard for me to share anything with them.

Without getting into the details of my life, let’s say I’m alone, and every bad situation I’m in is because of me, how can I support myself, instead of hating myself, how can I get better

I know I should study, but if I could I wouldn’t be here asking. So I need something more deep.



You are not alone. I’ve struggled with self hatred a lot. At the end, you just have to hate the action, not yourself. Accept yourself with all your flaws. How to do it? By positive self talk. Talk to yourself positively 5 minutes a day. I know, sometimes negative vibes and self hatred just comes but you also have control over your actions. Counter negative thoughts with positive ones every time it arises.

For study, just study. It will be a challenge in the beginning but as the habit of studying develops it will become easier and easier and you’ll have yourself a study routine and pass your exams.

Even if you relapse and watch porn and fap, after relapsing, just forget about the relapse and move on with your daily life. Constantly thinking depressive thoughts about failure in quitting PMO is more dangerous than PMO itself.

You can share your concerns with me in DM if you want someone to be your buddy. I can be your rewire companion in this matter. We all here are a community and we all want to quit PMO and better our lives.


Hey man, thank you alot

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No worries man. Let’s work for a better tomorrow.

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Bro most of people here are/were like you. I was same. Even today I am not fully recovered but I have progressed.
The only way to get out of this shit hole is struggle. A lot of continues struggle. You need to relearn all those things which you dismissed for pmo.
First of all learn to sit in a place for 2 hours.
Practice discipline and follow a you tube channel for guidance.
You already know the things but lack continuity . Practice that and you will be on track.:+1::+1:


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