Gay Fantasies destroy me completely

Guys I am 17 I watched porn since 11. It bot excessive after I found out now Masturbation works. With 12 or 13 I got into transexual porn and also Ingo gay porn. At first I didnt was able to watch normal porn because of the man so I just watched lesbian.
I tried no FAP without knowing about the movement before 2 Years with 15. I never did it long. Today I am doing a bit Vetter and a friend of mine controlls My Smartphone so I cant watch P easily. The Problem is that Masturbation is still very additictive. I have gay fantasies and these are all about destoying myself and geht dominated, same with trans.
What can I do to stop these fantasies at their routs and find a way to My normal sexuality?


Brother, I suffer with this too. I have often masturbated to gay fantasies. Not anymore. If gay is not your actual orientation, totally cutting porn off and rewiring will stop these fetishes back to normal. Porn does that to you, it will make you crave insane shit, because of novelty and desensitisation. You will be back to normal and such fantasies will stop eventually, again, if you are actually straight, your taste will go back to normal. So don’t worry and continue with NoFap.


The same was happening to me.

Now see, the more you suppressed your feelings the more it get worse. JUST ACCEPT IT that I have the sexuality of gay or lesbian. Then, RELAX, and ask yourself, Is it important or worthy to masturbate or have a fantasy like this? Just ask yourself again and again. You will get the answer. THE RIGHT ANSWER.

Sometimes it is not necessary to suppress those feelings. It depends on situation you are facing.

Thank you for replying. Yes I am sure that My porn Additiction brought me there. I feel weak and tired often and then I just fap because it feels like nothing really makes sense.
I will fight and stand tall that the only opportunity that I got.