Gaming with limitations?

Well , So many people on nofap have compared porn and gaming as same .
But we can’t disagree with that Gaming is not as much as toxic like porn.
I am student right now.I have playing games for years . I would say that I was addicted with games so much 3 years back. But I have control on myself.
So I want to ask is it ok to do gaming for a limited time? Like only 1 hr a day or may be less.
Or how about rewarding yourself with 30min or 1 hour gaming when you complete your daily tasks.
Well tbh I mostly don’t want to quit COC because of my clan mates , I love to play and Be a team member with them. (And one more thing It has improved my English chatting skills as most of them are foreigners :joy:)

Nah man, gaming is not nearly as addictive as porn, and it can even improve some of your skills (such as reflexes, problem solving, 3D comprehension, teamwork, etc). Obviously, as everything in live, if you don’t limit yourself it can become a serious problem (excessive gaming can cause skipping of your daily meals, sedentary lifestyle, sleep disorder, etc). I’d say that 0-2 hours of gaming is perfect, though it also depends of the game you’re playing, in the case of COC I think 30 minutes is more than enough. There are times when I have played games a lot, like 6 hours in one day, and I’m not saying is the healthiest thing in the world, but I haven’t developed any addiction to it whatsoever since I’ve seen myself able to quit for long periods (I only do it on vacation, never when I’m studying). Keep gaming mate :sunglasses::+1:t2:


Thanks for your advice. I will try to stay in limit and not get addicted with them

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“Gaming and porn are two very different things xiao Dre” - Jackie Chan in karate kid

I game occasionally, I’m not addicted to any games right now. But I used to be, and it was hardcore addiction. But I realized and for over it. Cold turkey works best for me. Actually gaming occasionally can help you with nofap. Well it helped me when I was playing a game called Albion online, I was constantly on discord with my friends, it gave the feeling of playing with friends and having them around. So urged don’t pop up. But I limited my gaming time then to 3 hours tops. Now I don’t play at all coz I don’t have time. But in essence what I’m trying to say is that gaming with a limit can help you with nofap as you are getting dopamine from other sources, not the healthiest but better than porn. So yea, enjoy destroying other clans as long as you are not destroying your lifestyle in the process

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Thank you so much bro