Game of milestones easy

Note: this game is not my idea, I’m just making an easy version

You can’t do anything sex related but actual sex, so no masturbation, no porn and lust toughts must be shorter than 5 seconds, they must only be temptation (Because I understand that sometimes it might happens without you wanting it, if it does, get distracted!)
You can have wet dreams because it’s not your fault

Write in the replies that you are participating, every time you pass a milestone (Also write which one) and when you relapse. || In the score means a relapse.
You don’t have to write your share code.

If you are interested, I made another challenge, The last survivors at the end of March, so feel free to check it out.


A: 12 hours

If you were used to do it more times per day, you are already on the good way

B: 1 day

You are starting your journey

C: 3 days

The first little victory!

D: 5 days

It happens a lot of times that now is when people relapse so… Don’t give up!!

E: 7 days

Great! It’s been one week!

F: 10 days

It must be starting to be easier. Stay strong!

G: 20 days

You really look serious about this! Congrats!

H: 30 days :trophy:

The last target! Congrats!!! You are one of the winners!!

If you passed the last target, I will probably make a medium version and an hard version

mr change: A-B-C||
Alpaco: A||A-B-C
nihal: A-B-C-D-E-F-G

Good luck!!

Do you want me to post more challenges?
  • Yes
  • No

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Plot twist:
I’m in even if I made this post


I’m ready
Scode - lll833
Let’s go :fire::fire:


I am ready I am day 2my sharing code is

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@nihar @mr.change
I’m hosting another challenge so it would really help if you say it every time you pass a milestone

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Ok bro as you say :open_mouth::heart::heart:

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