Gain weight / Health tips 🤸🏋️

Okay so i have 5’7 - 5’8 height and around maybe 60 kg weight…i look quite skinny … I wanna put on some weight and also increase my height …

What are your suggestions for it regarding meals , exercise , etc.

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My height is also around 5.8 - 5.9
And my weight is 50🙂
So yeah, if any one gives tips, please tag me too


Same :handshake::handshake:.

But I am skinny fat, lol.

Same :smiling_face_with_tear: :people_hugging: .

@Nep1234id i have some questions may you please help me


Okay. What is it??..

You did this twice right, then did you start to do it just after waking up and just before going to sleep? How did you feel while and after doing it? Did you see the dot after closing the eyes?1

I used to have a routine before. I’d exercise after waking up in the morning then do this. I was able to see dot. Sometimes it won’t happen but I kept at it.


Thanks a lot brother.

Do pituitary gland exersises…this will increase growth harmones…n ut can help uhh.


Thanks bro …Will try to do it from today :fire:

And about weight and muscle gain ??

What’s your age? And details about what food you can eat and how much. Also what equipment do you have access to?

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I’m 20 years old
About food vegetarian and as i am not at my home , i only eat what comes in my tiffin from mess…
Almost 5 chappati , sabzi , dal and rice but you know mess k khana :upside_down_face::skull_and_crossbones:

About equipment i have zero equipments except forearm grip :no_mouth:

You can order resistance tube(s) online. It costs around ₹300.

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Ok so that’s already a bad place to start from. Being a vegetarian already limits you from almost all good protein sources. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing z just that it makes muscle building difficult. On top of that you are getting shit food from mess, which makes the scene much worse.

I’m assuming you live on a tight budget since you live in hostel, so my recommendations for foods to focus on are dal, soy beans, mung beans or beans in general. Comparatively these are the cheaper options in the vegetarian section that’s higher in protein content. You can also eat paneer as well but it’s slightly more expensive.

Since your goal is muscle building, what you need to focus on is strength training and cutting cardio.
little to no cardio. You can start of with bodyweight exercises or buy resistance bands like @Sholt_Peterson suggested. If you are doing bodyweight training then find a place where you can do pull-ups coz bodyweight exercises to build back muscles are rare and not very effective compared to just doing pull-ups.

If you want a beginner bodyweight workout plan i can make you one. Lemme know


Yup bro ! You said everything right about my situation :crying_cat_face:
Please sure make a workout plan …:pray::pray: that will be a great great help for me …:grinning:

Thanks man …can u send the link of the resistance band that you ordered … are they good ?


Yes, they are good :+1:.

I ordered the kaykus one because at that time cash on delivery wasn’t available on Yixty (2nd one). Yixty is good one cause if you see it’s ratings it has 3.8 :star: and almost 10k+ have people rated it . Currently it’s under 300 (331 with delivery charges) aur iske saath kuch aur order krlo bhai jo aapke kaam ki ho , delivery charges kt jaayenge :joy:.

The carry bag is not that good (pht gya wo mere se) and take care of that workout chart that they provide with it (kho gya wo mere se :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear:). Dukh ×100.


I am 5’6"
And 43 kg :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Skinny as f

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