[gabgab] I made the first five days 🌄

Hi there!

Just today, I have left the first five days on my no-fap journey behind me. Especially the last two days have been a challenge. The first days went without issues, but on the third day without MO (No “P”, haven’t consumed any p0rn in a while), the urge became immensely large and admittedly still is now, especially in the late hours at home.

I have to admit, I really enjoyed MOing and I do still like myself and touching myself without any reservations. I didn’t consider all that time lost. Keeping busy, as some suggest, and reading on the forum has been a great help to get to here. One other thing keeping me going is the idea that I don’t want to have the day counter reset to “0 days, 0 hours”. In the end, this might feel like the post-PMO awkwardness.

The main benefits are definitely not having this awkward feeling after MOing any more (I don’t miss it one bit!) and being more “in the now”. I really do cherish that. For the future, the main goal is to find new ways to spend the time and energy I have won without PMO and to learn how to handle the urge to MO better. That urge has now become really large, especially at night (It seemingly has a life of its own and wants its dues) and has had me stressed out somewhat over the past two days.

Right now, the goal is to keep on going. I have not set any milestones or so, since that may feel like an end date for this and I want to continue. Thank you for your encouraging messages, help and support.


Congrats bro, I hope you"ll achieve your goal, best of luck!

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