From Paralysed to Normal Life

I was a normal human being. :blush:
I was intelligent too. I was in A section in my class when i was in school.

:skull_and_crossbones: During my first year of masturbation, our friend circle used to count their days of nofap. Nobody knows about the term nofap back then. I remember i never crossed 1 month mark when i was 14 yrs old. After that class my friends got in other sections and we no longer count our days. I used to say to God back then that it is the last time that i am going to fap but i kept on failing. God punished me. Or it was i who was punishing myself. But i was getting hurt as days were passing.
When i started doing masturbation every year my marks started to reduce. I developed social anxiety and fear within first 2 years of masturbation. I got failed in various subjects in 3rd year of masturbation.
Next was the turn of Sleepless nights and depression.

Taken to pyshatrist and started taking drugs prescribed by doctor like clonazapem and many more to reduce my fear and anxiety. Also to help me sleep. Searched on internet about my problem but internet and doctors said masturbation & porn is normal and should be done regularly. I believed them.
Later in my life started smoking and drinking but there was no way to end my miseries.

I dropped my College because of my severe condition. I developed Cervical dystonia and couldnt even walk straight. My body had given up. I was receiving botox injections in my neck 3 or 4 times every year. Plus i was taking medications for depression. Many times i was even hospitilised for panic attacks. I was going to die but somehow i discovered about nofap. I am living nofap lifestyle for 1 and half years. I have relapsed many times but i am stubborn to quit for good.

:atom_symbol: Nofap Hard Mode saved My Life

:black_small_square:Cervical Dystonia Cured
1 yr has passed since last botox injection.
I am slowly slowly becoming a Normal person as i was.
:black_small_square:Depression Cured.
Had successfuly quited meds for 5 months but fallen again in trap due to relapses. Trying again now.
:black_small_square:Social Anxiety and Fear Gone.
:black_small_square:Erectile Dysfunction cured.

Only one word - zero to hero


Can you suggest something to me bro !
I have my physics exam tomorrow and can’t study.
I have pmo addiction but also the smartphone addiction.
Many of guys whom I have asked a solution have said find a goal for yourself but it is having degree in physics and I am failing in it.
How can I beat smartphone addiction ?
It is the thing which leads me to porn Everytime.
I am that much depressed that I don’t even feel fear of failing tomorrow in exam.
Help Man !

I fought it by using my phone as a tool… First of alI, do a digital suicide. Delete Facebook it is useless, trust me. Delete instagram also. Mute useless chats on whatsapp.
Secondly, I used to try to study for long hours at one go and that’s what I was doing wrong. I started studying for 45 minutes per session at one go and taking a break for 10-15 minutes, I have been doing it for around two weeks now. Download ‘Engross’ app from play store, set 45 minutes timer in it and just start studying. After a day or so I stopped craving for my phone. And now I am getting around 7-8 hours almost full productivity.


1.For smartphone addiction
First Fix a time of day when you will touch it. It will make you more disciplined.

I am still working on this addiction. I will keep you updated about it.

2.For your studies
As tomorrow is exam, Revise basic things. We know both that 1 day is not enough for prepration. Study is a habit which dont get formed in single day.
Go for your exam anyhow, and in future when you think to masturbate Remember this day of exam.

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Thanks to
But bro I have used them all.
Forest stay Focused
Pomodoro Timer app
Quality Time
And that Facebook things
It is not useless it’s crap,scar,shit,poop.
It’s on deletion.

I am keeping Instagram for a lame reason that I want to keep my username to myself.
And for WhatsApp
I don’t use it much.People whom I talk to have turned it off due to exams.
In fact I am more addicted to NF and YouTube
Here is my app usage statistics.


You have to delete instagram also.

Youtube is the most dangerous app in the hands of a fapper.


Sometime I lose my shit when I realize I fapped to Swaalla La La,Work by Rihanna(it’s soft porn).
@anon66785751 Delete Instagram ? Done Brother
But I can’t delete YouTube.
I can disable it but it would not be a permanent solution to it.
And actually I am searching for a solution for smartphone addiction.

What I realized that the reason for my phone addiction is, I used to find some of the subjects difficult and time consuming and difficult to retain… And what our brain does it has a tendency to choose the easy thing over difficult… Studying is difficult, using phone is easy. Not fapping is difficult, fapping is easy. Working out is difficult, not working out is easy. Eating clean is difficult and eating junk is easy.
You might be ignoring the fact that you are finding your subject difficult and you are too lazy to start understanding it, or maybe in normal days when exams are not nearby, you are studying without struggling but now have too much to do in too little time and due to that pressure you have given up.
It is indeed about the choices you make. Choose better.
Its you who have to make the right choice.

Shut your phone off right now. Youtube and rewire are not going anywhere, you can use your phone after your exams too.

I hope you will pick that fucking book right now and beat the shit out of your exam tomorrow… All the best.


Your comment have sparked the need of study.
Let’s see how it goes.
Thanks !



U could use an app called keep me out , it helps with smartphones

Thanks !!!

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You are right bro …every time my trigger start from YouTube … then I go porn site