From darkness to light, it's possible!

Hi guys, how are you? I’m a 24 years old man from Italy. I have been in No Fap/No Porn for 3 years, with great and so bad times. In last two months, I had a good journey, I felt so good, but I had a huge relapse that is going on actually. Light became darkness in last two weeks and I’m searching a way to start a journey again, with a self confidence that give me energy to shape my life again on a healthier way. I have a big growth plan to start again, for every life aspect (from sport to work, from study to approach girls…). I’m tired to feel bad for a stupid 15 min. Of fake pleasure and 23:45 h of pain, sadness and time WASTING. I’m using this weekend to fix many things, in order to start my new journey on next Monday. If you want to share your story, you’ll be welcomed! IT’S TIME TO BECOME A PHOENIX THAT SUNRISES ANOTHER TIME!


Welcome to the community Brother.

Yes, I understand this feeling. It sucks
But this is an ongoing process. When we are together we can move any mountains.
Never stop until you complete 1000 days of no pmo.
Stay strong. Give your 100%!


Thank you, man! I’m creating a thread that I’ll post later to start a new, ambitious journey on Monday, with many other users. What’s your current situation?