Freeman's tavern welcomes it's guests

Welcome traveler!

Wherever you might be, this inn is open for you from now own. The Freeman is now opening it’s gates to those who wish to rest a bit. Step in from the storms of life.
This tavern is full of life, as you can hear: Cozy Tavern - Music & Ambience - YouTube
There is always fresh food and drink in the kitchen. Rest assured it won’t be held back from you.

Please take a seat by the counter or a table! Feel free to join in the conversation and set your mind free from the wheights that’s pressed you down lately.

Please enjoy your stay!


This topic was created with the intention to help relaxing. We all tend to tense up and stress because we face a strong enemy and it’s fiercefull attacks. We all know that this enemy for each of us is it’s own old self that wants to takes us down, back to where we doesn’t belong anymore.

But rest peacefully because this enemy has no power here!

You are free to start any conversation here, let that be anything, even unrealated to NoFap. The only things that are not allowed, that would bring in the enemy(any topic that can lead to temptation).

Everyone is welcomed here, but troublemakers will be helped out!



So on our first night as an opening gift, the first drink is on the house for everyone and on the occasion for this, let there be the following question to start our offtopic discussions.

Do you used to drink? If yes, what is your favourite alcohol? If you don’t drink, what is the reason for that?



I don’t drink because I never get attracted towards to it I may taste someday just to see how that taste but right now don’t have any interest towards any beverage. I am happy with a glass of water or fruit juice :rofl: Well, you may think what attracts you to here in the bar. Well my friend I love listening to other’s story and spend time to explore their lifestyle


So @Duran how is your journey so far here? Would you like to share a bit?

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It’s always up to the guest. Alcohol is just on option, we won’t push anything. :slight_smile:

Well I can share my journey, but it’s usually not the bartender who talks. However I’m glad you are here and bring life to our small inn. We might be new and unknown in the town, but we look for a great future.

This year is far different than the last one for me. I knew for a long time that I should get rid of this sin of mine and I tried many times, but this year brought stronger dedication and a lot of new experiences. I learned a lot but I still forgot a lot as well, so sometimes I have to repeat the lessons. My current streak is quite similar to my longest in funny way. I’m have the same blue mood all around me, but I keep going without any strong feelings. This worked once, so I try to make it work once again, but now forever.

In short, this is my current situation. How are you? Would you mind also sharing?
If you have any other question, feel free to ask. I’m open for non-nofap related topics as well.

Anyone who reads can join and also share their story!

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Thanks for sharing your journey. For me also allmost similar kind of experience. I am trying my best to get back my original life without PMO. I am still failing in my journey( better than previous year) and looking for a miracle to happen. Trying to settle in career as well as to manage myself but with time dreams are faddin in the face of reality


@Duran I am here to rest a bit. Life’s been pushing and tossing me around. I will take a nap here maybe. Hope this tavern has some rooms available.


Our tavern is of course open for weary travelers. Life can be tiresome and struggles can take the best of us, but a place that offers warm welcome and comfortable rest for the soul is always uplifting. Our tavern’s hope is to be such a place for anyone.

You can take one of our upstair room if you wish. My suggestion is to open the window and let the relaxing sound of the brook from the near forest to calm you into sleep.

Rest well!


Thanks brother @Duran for this warm welcome.
The music is sooting and I am saving it for later.

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Brother @Duran Its time for me to be on my way for now. I have rested enough and am ready to bounce back to fight to become a better version of myself!
Before going I would like to leave some music behind which can be beneficial for weary travellers to listen to.
Skyrim - Music & Ambience - Day
Skyrim - Music & Ambience - Night

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Glad you were able to rest and if you ever feel the need again, you are more than welcome to visit back to us. Thank you for your donation of songs. The tavern appreciates your kindness!

God speed you on your way! Be free, be the change you desire!

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