Found something new!

I use Comic Therapy to control the craving.
Its easy to make it a habit, because the reward of happiness surpass the heat of the moment.
After a relapse, during the first 15 days the constant level of urge can be controlled by watching Standup Comedy.
But, from the 16th day the urge becomes stronger day by day.
We will need:

  1. Self-consciousness for identifying weak moments in real-time.
  2. Tremendous will power to deal with the situations.
  3. Fixed routine of sleep cycle to maintain newly developed thought process.
  4. Daily routine of cardio exercise to maintain hormonal balance.
  5. Cold shower to maintain average temperature of body.
  6. Keep yourself busy all time.
  7. Do not trust yourself when you are not trying to avoid the weak moments.

“May the force be with you.”