Found a new motivation

Started getting up early and going for a jog/walk before getting ready for work in the mornings. 2mi the first day and 1 this morning. For someone like me (6’2" / 300lb who likes to sleep in) that’s really pushing it, but i figure if I can motivate myself to do that, I should be able to find the motivation to fight this addiction just as hard.

That being said, it’s amazing how getting up and moving first thing affects the whole rest of my day. I’ve felt more alert, happier, and more energized, and the temptations have been less. It seems really helpful to come on here and be able to talk with you all, who understand the daily challenges.

Thank you brothers for the tips, motivation, and support that you all offer.


Yup that morning jog would:

  1. Better the blood movement to your muscles
  2. Improve your cardiovascular system
  3. Give more blood to your brain
  4. Give you dopamine for feeling accomplished at the end of the jog