ForgedDrawn's Diary: Moving Past Addiction + Tips

So after I recently relapsed right after my eleventh day, I feel it’s best you and me to sail on this journey together. We can help find techniques that deal with Urges, and relapse recovery. The ocean is wide and finding the best route will ones own unique journey along the way.

Day zero has begun for me, and so does this new journey.

What new actions I’m doing now:

Porn Blocker: Detoxify Application that blocks porn website links and restrict websearch experience :heavy_check_mark:

Listening To Tunes: Calm Music helps relaxes the mind and reduces randomized sexual thoughts. The thoughts I would have would be calm and suddenly I would be thinking about something sexual. Thoughts should be organized, like a street lane, and more at peace with one’s own self. I find Music very helpful for this reason. :heavy_check_mark:

These are just two tips I can give as of right now. I will strike conversation with anyone and give my best advice in dealing and overcoming porn/masterbation addiction.

Let’s began this journey! Good Luck :star2:

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