For those who can't find a wife or girlfriend


This is why👆


There is only 1 guy here who need it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Lol what is this? Don’t want to offend but this looks like a bunch nonsense to me.


Don’t bother, keep doing what you doing, you’ll be fine.

Just another ignorant that doesn’t go through the whole text, but he knows that is nonsense.
90% of people here will never win this struggling.

yeah I did have a feeling that it will offend
In my defense I’ll put a point and be done. No hard feelings
I didn’t read the stuff but I did go through the content. I take my stand - it looks like the person who wrote this is one of those people who says Yoga and pranayam is demonic. Or the local traditional medicines are demonic

The points that are put are put so much in black and white way. Forgetting that the world comes up in grey actually. People may be having bad influences and habits but they recognize it. And they make attempts to be better. Not all, but still. With time and effort things can be changed as well. Also applies when you are seeking a wife/gf and for sex stuff. Dreams about sex are because these things have seeped into subconscious and mind is desperate for dopamine. It can happen for other things too. And as you change your subconscious and seep different things into it, you’ll dream about them too

thanks for this one. I’m struggling hard to be a better version of myself. And I believe I’ve made a gradual but significant progress. There’s one more thing, you can’t win this struggle completely thinking there’s an end. It is done daily. Good habits and thoughts can be cultivated and as a daily practice you can face the thoughts due to “satan” and turn them down.

last thing I got to say, this article has religious undertones and I’ll offend a large amount people and sentiments. So I’ll be refraining from speaking further on the issue. Nothing personal of course. So after you’re done reading this I’ll delete my replies. Do please let me know after you’ve read it


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