For those out there struggling

Guys, am sorta new here but I added a couple guys to my companion and I been noticing g few relapses, and just want to share a little something to those out here struggling.

IF you can’t abstinent for a God damm day you need this. Why don’t you put all your effort, heart and soul on it because you are the only one being affected negatively by it and you can do something about it, life is short, for real, and sometimes you cant do anything about bad situations, but this situation you brought upon yourself and you have the power to change it, believe it or no, you do. You only got to really believe in yourself, focus on your goal and the reason why you are tying to change.

For those out there making considerable progress, keep it up, we looking up to you.


Real talk though keep up this mentality lets help each other and build each others

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