For schoolers like myself, it may be a struggle to help ourselves... Let us support one another

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Why I want a companion - It is not just for myself; others like me struggle with this too. I am hoping to create a little group of schoolers such as myself so we can get rid of this habit that will only continue to grow unless we end it. I want not to only help myself, but to help others. In this long arduous trail, we will need a friend, someone who challenges us. I will be that if you will mirror me. Also if you read this far, have an amazing day!


Let’s do this together bro
My sharing code: w9e3r0

We will make it. I got you brother.

Hey bro sorry to see that you relapsed
Hold on the line we will make it

Hello there!
I’m a college freshman but we can still be companions if you want.

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