For how long ?!

Hey there,
So I was having a wierd question lately, for how long should I keep not fapping or masturbating, many of you guys have wifes and girlfriends, and having sex isn’t a relapse, so you release your sexual energy, but for me, I I’ll not have sex, not before 4 or 5 years from now, so how can I keep all this energy trapped inside ?

It has to get out someday, right ?
I don’t really know what’s the correct answer for that question, having sex is allowed, porn is not, okay I get it, but what about people who won’t have sex not before couple of years, until marriage to be precise.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Yes brother semen will eventually come out one or another…in ur case through wet dreams


It all depends on you. If you think you’re able to masturbate in a ‘healthy’ way after a clean reset, then I guess you can MO. But I would advise against it, since masturbating itself can be part of your addiction as well (I think this is the case for many of us).

How to get rid of the excess of sexual energy? This is where the beauty of nofap steps in: go and do exercise, go study, pursue hobbies/dreams, go meditate, improve yourself… The options are endless. Try to see the excess of energy you gained by not fapping as a gift and use it this way. It will change your life.


Are you sure? I’ve never had a wet dream even that I’ve had a sexual dream once but nothing leaked while I was asleep.

Hi mate,

Great question here. It might not go out through wet dreams - in my experience semen actually just often goes out while peeing. Feels a bit weird, nothing exceptional but just enough for it to be noticeable.

So that’s the physical, functional part of it right?

As far as the energy itself is concerned, I personally think that wondering how to get rid of it might be a mistake. I think itns healthier to think of how to redirect it - like it’s been said before : through exercising, meditation, new hobbies, etc.

Some people while doing nofap and feeling this overload of sexual energy think that’s not their normal state and that they need to find a way to go back to how it was before, when they masturbated regularly.

Well what if it is though? What if you just tried living in that state, what if you learned to manage your body again, with this energy always there?

For me, the changes were :
At first, no time for video-game or reading (my two main hobbies). I needed to always work out, or go out, but do something that would physically tire me.
Second, ayer a few weeks I thought “man it makes no sense if I can’t bear it for even just one day” so I took another approach, tried meditating, and instead of always exhausting myself physically, I tried “taming” this energy. And then I was able to read and play again. Still enjoyed exercising a lot, but I didn’t need to do it anymore. And I valued this difference a lot.

Anyway, this is just a long message to give my two cents on the subject.


  1. semen doesn’t always go out through wet dreams, often it does simply through piss
  2. your energy should be used towards achieving your goals in life. Try exercising to temporarily lower it, try meditating to learn to control it

Well said, thanks for the advice man, I really appreciate it.

Ya I need to learn to redirect my energy, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

I’m a gamer as well xD
When u said the word “redirect”, Prince zuko redirecting the lightning attack showed up instantly in my mind xD.