For all those no-fappers who have a girlfriend!

To the brothers who are committed,
How do we go about our plan while we are in a relationship with a girl?

Of course, being in a relationship helps us control and channelize our emotional energies and sexual urges towards something real and substantial. I believe it forms a stage in our journey where we can be away from porn and an unreal world.

But the question is, how does this help us in our no fap journey? Is it contradictory?

How do we practise nofap while in a physical intimate relationship?

Give your valuable thoughts.


You have to realise my friend that you are quiting masturbation and porn only. Don’t confuse those with the natural physiological things of your body like wet dreams or having an intercourse with your partner.
Wet dreams is a physiological process which helps the body to get rid of excess semen. Ejaculation during an intercourse is a physiological response that is the end product of the act; it allows the survival of our species.
So again remeber you only ruin your streak when you watch porn or masturbate. So keep yourself away from those 2, and live your life normally and happily :smiley:


Avoid Porn and Masturbation and have a Happy Relationship with your girl man. Thats it. When you are with your girl, you make love right? If you are making love then thats OK. But If thats only lust. Stop it. Continue with her only if you are serious abt her and love her. Else you will never get the real essence of NoFap.


Is nightfall normal ? I am suffering from nightfall
Nearly 3 done but nightfall doesn’t stop what should i do?

It’s when we see erotic stuff whilst in sleep. It’s natural and normal. Nothing you can control or need to be ashamed of.
To avoid it as far as you can, avoid tight clothing while sleeping. Sleep in a cold environment and try to be away from any erotic thought or even screen about 2 hours prior to sleeping. Lastly, sleep on your desired time. This should fairly do.

Its completely natural thing. It doesn’t break your strak . Its just that you are young and your body creates excessive semen which it gets rid of in the form of night fall. As long as you dont watch porn and masturbate to it , everything is fine.

Some people say masturbation without watching porn is ok , but i dont agree. But its better than doing with porn.

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So if you don’t do it for the lust you dont lose your streak? And how do you know if its only for lust?

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Just ask yourself that wheather you really love her? Will you still be happy with her if you cant have sexx with her for life?? If there is just bodily attraction, u cant survive without sex ever. Lust doesnt differentiate bw wife/gf or a prostitute. But love does differentiate.

Well we’ve had a long distance relationship going on for 3 years i really do love her but i think lust is also involved, but if i dont do it for the lust part do i loose my streak?

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It does depends on you… if you wanna reset you can… but i dont prefer resetting it when i am with my girl… NoFap is not about restricting love making with your partner but to Combat Porn and Masturbation Addiction…

There are basically 3 modes.
Soft mode (worthless) - Porn Not allowed
Masturbation and Orgasm is Ok

Normal Mode - Porn and Mas… Not allowed
But you can have sex with your partner

HARD/Monk Mode - no porn no Masturbation no sex/orgasm.

Its is not possible and kinda inhumane to do monk mode while in a relationship…
So need not to reset. Still its your choice.

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What we try to do with nofap is to reset the dopamine pathways related to porn in our brains. When we PMO we reinforce the neural pathways related to PMO, receiving an high amount of dopamine. By constantly bombarding our brains with high doses of dopamine, we make our brains resistent to it. That’s when the bad effects of watching porn kicks in: depression, low motivation for everything, etc. Because now you need a high amount of dopamine to do anything, But regular day to day tasks only give you a small amount of it. So you feel like doing nothing, feel like shit, etc.

The reason why â– â– â– â–  is so powerful and releases so much dopamine is because of the Coolidge effect:

So when you are with a real partner, you don’t have Coolidge effect, and you are not reinforcing porn pathways in your brain, you’re getting dopamine from other sources.

Hope that helps!


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