Flatline freaquency


I really need an advice or more information about this serious addiction.
I hope guys you can help me.

My situtation now is like one week i’m living like a king, other week i’m living with depression, overthinkings, anoxiuos and etc.
Seems like after one week, i have a big flatlines.

So, Im struggling with few questions:
Is it normal that i have flatline week after week?
Is it be forever? Or i have to make a peace with that and live forever, when one week you feel good, other week you feel like shit.
Or in continue of my healing should increase of good days and decrease of bad days?

Im really tired of this shit, i hate myself when im beeing in flatline. In that mood im like not like me…

I will be appreceate for any information about this. Maybe some of you have the same way of healing, and can share more advices about this addiction?

Some information about me:

I have this bad habbit for 10 years.
Since I found out that i’m addicted to this, i stopped to do this.
And my numbers now is:

Days of fighting with this addiction: 112
Highest no pmo days: 74
Current no pmo days: 24

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Flat line occurs due to harmonal shifts in brain and it is seen that just a few days before reaching day-30, flat line is very common among nofappers. I call it the pit zone. There are many pits in the nofap journey and it varies from person to person. I too recently was in the pit uptill day 31 but now again I am feeling the motivation again. You don’t need to worry much about it, just keep going and soon you’ll be out of the pit too.

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Yea, I understand that i will go out from that zone. But i know that i will back to that zone again.
But i’m struggling with other thing. Will this hormony shifts be forever?
Becouse now since i started this journey, seems like nothing changing. One week good, one week bad.
Maybe we have to understand that this harmony shifts will be forever and you have to accepts this?
Or they should gone one day and never back? (Of course is you never will back in that behavior)