Fix The Bookmark button

Hello @Taher bro… There are certain bugs in the forum

*Bug of Bookmark in Forum through app
*“Error connecting to server” was showing when logging forum through Browser
Kindly fix these bugs .

I request all other members to add technical issues they are facing in forum by commenting on this thread


I can’t able to bookmark post now … because I am not able to login to this forum via browser

@Taher bro Atleast fix 2nd bug so we can atleast login in forum through internet browser :pray:

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There is one that should be really easy to fix in the app itself. When you put a relapse to before the last one
So for example if you relapsed on 21th and put a relapse on 19th, the app will start counting the streak as if the last relapse was on 19th


I know it’s not a bug but Taher I think you should add another way to temporarily unlock the full mode other than surveys because they ask a lot of personal question… For example you could make something that if you watch (insert number) ads you unlock it for (insert time)


@SincereDev Re-enter you password and press the login button a few times. Might take a minute or two but you’ll be able to log-in after some tries. It’s annoying, but I think @Taher may be working on a solution.


Bro it doesn’t work…Plz @Taher kindly look into this issue, I want to operate forum through Browser because it suits me

Finally sucessful to login via browser after several attempts Thanks @Ash_Matt :+1::partying_face:

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Try logging into first then goto form and click login, it should work.