First time Starting out fresh for the new year!

Hi im Raven and this is my first time posting and participating here!
For the past decade ever since I’ve hit puberty, I’ve always been doing the deed up to the point that i think it’s chronic. Every day of my life is starting to get driven by this short lived event just for a small dose of feel good chemicals in my brain.

This worsened for the past few years because of me spiralling down into depression. In a sense it became my unhealthy coping mechanism and outlet. It became a daily habit for me to do once after i wake up, sometimes during the afternoon and always before i sleep and this eventually leads to me getting more mentally and emotionally drained once PNC hits me. There were even times that i wake up feeling dreadfully tired which also pretty much affects my mood for the whole day. It also gives me a big feeling of guilt and shame towards myself and it makes me feel really gross and dirty

This year, im planning to change that. Im planning to abstain from doing the deed and finally try to break out of my habit. I know for a fact that i might slip up at times and give in but I aim to drastically reduce the times i do the deed.This will be my Resolution for this year! I installed the rewire companion app on my phone to monitor my progress and so far im enjoying the features.

My goal would be to slowly wean it out my system by reducing the times i do it in a day, or hopefully reduce the times i do it in a week, then proceed to abstain for months. As of this tim of writing this, i am currently 1 day and 23 hours clean, so im almost at 2 days worth of abstinence now and I’ll do everything in my power to keep abstaining for as long as i can.

Here’s to a better and cleaner 2021!

Here’s to a brighter 2021! Have a nice day everyone


Hi, new user here too.

This is my second post in here.
My firs one had no reactions so my firs impresion is that this comunity sucks.

So do not have great espectations from this forum. I think there are just a few old users that are talking to each other.

So we are are alone in this strugle. So be strong !
Like a lone wolf.


Hey @Raven and @victor6 !!!
Welcome to the community! While at times it may appear to be inactive, there are wonderful people such as yourselves that roam around here to help each other!
I’m very happy to see that you two have decided to overcome this addiction known as PMO.
I hope to see you get better and have great progress!
There are many forums around here you may join to participate in our family chats! Since we are all family!

Here is one topic I created, feel free to share about yourself!

That being said, I welcome the two of you to the community! I know, this addiction can be very challenging so I encourage you to start strong!
I recommend for your first month of this year to read this book:

I can’t recommend it enough! It’s great for battling pmo!
Remember you are not alone! If you need help, feel free to message me!
My sharing code is - mcxswe
God bless you two!


Welcome bro. Your story is very similar to mine. I can relate to being chronically addicted to it and doing it several times a day daily for nearly a decade. During the initial days of my depression, I was doing it to the extent that I felt the pain all the time, literally trying to kill myself because I read somewhere that a Brazilian guy died after doing it for 42 times. Well, I continued doing it tirelessly for 17-18 times evryday for days and months until I suddenly fell down one day when nobody was home, and woke up the next day after nearly 26 hours with extreme headache. I promised to myself that day that I’d quit this habit and change my life, but I still continued it for years, only that the number of times that I did it had reduced to about 3-4 times. Finally, with the introduction of physical training in my life, I gained enough willpower to abstain from it for a few days to weeks, and in 2019, I recorded a 48 day streak. I probably had a longer streak after that as well, but it wasn’t recorded. In 2020, I had several 10-20 days streak, but I again fell to the addiction in October. Literally seeing no way out of the trap, I joined this app around December and recorded a 33 day streak until 1 moment of weakness ruined it for me in December end. But here I am once again, with a 5+ days streak into the year 2021.
So, bro what I want to tell you is that if I can do this, then you can do.
If I can change and you can change, then everybody can change. - Rocky Balboa
So, keep going bro. Noone can stop you. You can do this. You are already doing it better than me.

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Brother, there is nothing like that. I only joined in November end, so I am also kind of a newbie. But the people who post here, reply on the topics which are latest in their forum home page. Its very much possible that there might be only few people around here when you had typed your message, and hence nobody replied to it and it went into the oblivion. But don’t care so much about that bro, we are here to fight a battle and we are together in it. I’d encourage you to participate in the challenges going on in here for your own good and for getting more connections here. And also start your journal/diary to keep yourself accountable for things you do.
All the best. Take care bro.
(BTW I don’t see any other post created by you in your profile, probably you couldn’t post it or you’ve deleted it already).


that’s pretty much my experience with a lot of forums. its common but when you eventually blend in with the regulars, i suppose they’ll accept us as a part of their groups too!

wow I still personally havent been able to abstain that long! its been really hard for me to try and do so and so far today’s only my 2nd day into stopping. i still keep having this random urge at times

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That happens bro, keep pushing. Thats simply the formula. You don’t touch your member for that, don’t look into anything raunchy intentionally and you continue.

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