First thoughts after 2 days of nofap

The first thing that hits me after starting nofap 2 days ago, is the liberating feeling of knowing that I am not going to spend time on fapping. I usually find my mornings boring and depressing, because of the feeling of knowing that I have to go to work or doing something that I struggle to start. I used to start my day with fapping in order to hide that depression, but now it is liberating to know that I am not going to solve it with fapping. I still have the depression but I am not hiding it in the same way, and I am looking for other alternatives to solve that issue. Still a long way to go.


It’s amazing isn’t, when you are trapped inside PMO our depression seems so unstoppable and their is no solution but as our minds clear from the absence of ■■■■ all of a sudden answers and suggestions on how to improve our lives seem so simple. Little by little as you stop hurting your mind it will stop hurting you and start to help you with great ideas on how to live the life you wanted to live all along. Keep it up alpha, don’t let anything stop you, especially not failure. So long as we keep trying we will surely succeed, for what is hope but a commitment to something that we can not yet see.:sunflower::hugs::fireworks: