Fighting PMO addiction, got addicted to other things!

Hey everyone! :slight_smile:

I want to ask you for an advice. Especially those of you who already have more experience with NoFap challenge.

Recently I’ve started to realize that the more I’m successfully fighting the PMO addiction, the more addicted I’m getting to other things in my life, such as social media, internet, sweet and unhealthy food… And I’m procrastinating a lot even when I really shouldn’t!

Have you experienced something like that? Do you have any advices how to avoid those bad things while doing the challenge?

Thank you!

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Well, the best advice i can give you is this: Find something you are passioanate about. maybe you want to be an artist. or a successful businessman. i would suggest finding something that you think would bring you success and orient yourself towards that goal relentlessly. sooner or later, it will become a habit. just my two cents


My plan would be to make a schedule for my daily life(with positive things obviously). Then try to stick to it. Don’t do it half-heartedly… Rather make full commitment that you want to follow that schedule. Maybe It won’t be easy at start and you won’t be able to do all the things… But it’s common and that’s not the point. You will get the hang of it soon. Point is your level of commitment. Without it you will be back to your old ways.
That would be my way to solve this problem. Good luck.


hey buddy,

this is the exact thing, why I always believed that our journey should start in our mind, figuring out what our problem really is. And I’m sure, for most of us, the problem is not simply porn.

I was highly addicted to computer games when I was younger. From one day to another I stop playing (had my reasons) and found joy in playing squash. But I soon started to train 7 days a week until my ankles and knees were irreversibly destroyed. I stopped playing squash and started watching youtube and twitch for hours each day.

In therapy I found out, that the reason for my problems is a lack in self-confidence. That I fear to do things in which I’m not good at. If there was something that I still had to do (buying presents, socializing and stuff), then anxiety hit me and i tried to hide from these feelings. This is why I went to porn and internet stuff in general. For me, it is the most efficient way to procrastinate stuff.

I relapse back to the internet every time that I wanna procrastinate something. Could be simple things like “I’m tired but should still do some work” or “I should apply for jobs but that scares be”.

What helps me is mindfulness meditation (I’m using headspace) and (in contrast to what many people will tell you) having enough time for myself were I do nothing (For my problem, the “keep yourself busy all the time” thing was the worst advice. Sure it helps with not relapsing but it is just another way of procrastination.)
Right now, I made a fire and I will just have some time for myself, thinking about how I feel and how life is going. These are the most important things for me.

Hope it helps you a bit


Yes I have experienced this. The solution is the same as for PMO. Find something better to do, and learn to stay with yourself and your feelings when you have nothing to do. Remember that sitting idle is better than browsing social media, and meditating or writing your thoughts or meeting friends or working towards your goals (whether long term or provisional) is still better.

As an example, regarding eating unhealthy food, it is something I experienced and decided to honor it as my body’s need for energy; I gave up my reluctance towards learning basic cooking and rewarded my body with some delicious self-cooked food which suited my preferences way better than restaurant food. I started enjoying the cooking as well as the food I cooked, and lost the craving for fast food and excessive sweets.

It is great that you are observing yourself and finding solutions. All the best.


Thank all of you for your advices and opinions, I really appreaciate your time and your nice answers! I will definitely think about all the things you wrote to me. I’m really glad to be a part of such amazing community <3