Fighting overstimulation by going image-free?

It’s so easy to get triggered by images. Sometimes its not even porn but we end up in this rabbit hole cause of some image online. I myself have struggled on apps like Instagram, etc. Kinda sucks the internet has become such a visually supercharged world.

I created a new Android app Purity Browser, similar to Pluckeye but with more features and some serious locking, etc. You can even lock all other browser with simple setup, that way you stick to only Purity Browser and commit to the straight and narrow. :smiley:

Safe Search is also enforced at all times. It’s like the ultimate solution I can think of for anyone going through a hard time and need that really deep detox away from any online images.

It’s a brand new, so please email me directly for any issues or feedback. Anyone needing this for iOS?

I really hope this app helps someone out there, cheers and keep up the good fight people!