Fight started between me and my urges

Day 5

Bro… Today my day 5 will be completed at 4pm… But I go through a lot of urges, cravings of porn… even though I had finished the book “the porn pandemic”

This day the urges are at peek level. I have never come this far…

the urges inviting me so intensely…
but I have to fight it back…
Never give up.

From this line… Above what I write is my problem and now what I did it is in below


Bro… I felt so much urge… Then I realised why I am having this so intense urge… Actually I analysed that… I am studying at the time the boring thing but important that’s why I had that so intense then I just get up and then wear my workout outfit and started doing jumping jacks… I feel this also boring but I kept doing it kept doing then after 100 jumping jacks I do another jumping exercise the hops… It means I didn’t stop until the feeling bored goes away then after doing many exercises I sweat like hell and guess what I actually overcome my urges…

I defeat my enemy I overcome this obstacle I am feel proud man…

This intense urges actually very strong in morining and night like 10pm to 12am.


Thank you for sharing your experience, i am definetely learning a lot.

I’m really proud of how you overcame the urges and kept the control of yourself.
You’re strong!


Thank you so much… The community members means a lot… I mean literally I thought of the members that so many are there who achieve there goal and resist for long time… I am inspired from them

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