Few questions in mind of a beginner

Hey Guys,

I’m a beginner of nofap and I’m currently on 5th day of no PMO, I have few questions which someone could answer.

  1. Does Wet dreams considered as RELAPSE?

  2. What does flatline means?

  3. Some people are saying, masturbating once a week is good for prostrate, Is that true?

  4. If #3 is yes, by nofap is there anything we need to worry about?

  5. What do I need to do when I have heavy urges and I’m home alone? (Most of the time, I’ll be home alone)

Additional one, I think I’m ejaculating very quickly I used to get climax within 1 min of masturbating and I’m a virgin, I never had sex before. Will nofap increase my performance? If yes, how can I know that I’m good(this is silly but I want to know sorry :zipper_mouth_face:)

Please answer these questions people.

Thanks in advance


  1. No
  2. in flatline time you will feel demotivated, weak, you don’t want to do any work. In this time rewiring process will start in your brain.
  3. false. Don’t listen.
  4. in answer 3 you got.
  5. make a good habit. Try to do this. And you should do exercise, meditation in this journey. If you are in alone then only your willpower can safe you from mastrubation. No one can change your life. So play games, start travelling, talk with your friends, spend time with nature, don’t stay alone.
    Additional answer:
    You must do 90 days nofap. You will demotivate sometimes., but don’t loose hope. You can do.
    After 10 days. You will get a lot of :gift::gift::gift: gifts.
  6. :zap:energy.
  7. you will feel good.

After 30 days

  1. depression will goes away.
  2. you will more happy
  3. strong immune system

After 60 days

  1. boost in confidence level
  2. proper eye contact with anyone
  3. More conscious about goals

After 90 days

  1. glow in your skin
  2. respect for opposite sex
  3. high confidence level
  4. 100% rewire will complete.
  5. mind fast
  6. no brain fog
  7. a natural smile on your face always.

This is helpful and motivating me a lot, sure I’ll set my goal for 90 days. I’ll post about my journey in this same thread after 85 days.

And very much agreed on the point, will power is everything :muscle: can’t wait for those gifts :heart_eyes:

#peace :v: