Fellowship of 100th Day

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Current streak - 102 days
Highest streak - 102 days
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - PL


As a followup to my celebration post, I am invoking several users:
@Adioz_aka_Adidas, @BlackMagic123, @ChristianMan, @mradio and @piyushchandak.

Should you care to join me here, I would like to create a seed of a community. Not a challenge, but a place to come to seeking advice, support and whatever little wisdom we may be able to conjure

  1. Should any of you have some matter with potential benefit for the community, raise it here!
  2. All the topics raised here we shall try to discuss. Each should have its own time before moving to the next one.
  3. Longer posts should start with a topic

  4. If you happen to have a matter that needs private discussion, don’t hesitate to PM any of us - this is support group.

Is any of you with me?


I’ll keep the milestones I introduced in the original topic - please use them in whatever way you like, I’ll keep adding them as the time goes by :slight_smile:

1st week: 27.11.2021
2 weeks: 04.12.2021
4 weeks: 18.12.2021
60 days: 19.01.2022
100 days: 28.01.2022
200 days: 08.06.2022
265 days: 12.08.2022

Founding 6





Male 30, PK, Milestone 1000 days. 36 days.
I want to join you.


I am with you, As always.


@someBody13 So let’s start questioning and answering, So what are benefits you got from 100 days of Nofap?


Benefits of 100 days

This is a perfect question to start from, I guess.

Firstly, getting so far made me believe in my strong will. But I’m reality, change of mind - that I’m not a user anymore - made up for the lack of will. But yes - deeper trust in me self control

Another thing that comes with time is that I gained some time for different things. For a while that meant learning C++, lately switched to Japanese and listening to Dune audiobook - but you get the general idea.

I guess my body got into better shape as well, even though it’s blame this on regularity of my daily exercises. But yes, I’d say certain amount of energy comes back.

Also, emotional stability is something I didn’t have for a very long time now, very much because of COVID… But that’s coming back, partly because thanks to NoFap I’m starting to trust myself again

So yeah, I’d say that’s that!


I am so hyped let’s goooooo!!!


Thanks buddy! 2 days ago I posted on forum, well there is energy in me, no physical & mental fatigue, I use to stroll 2+2 miles daily. Confidence also boosted, there is no feeling of social anxiety. 37th day has begun. What changes did you notice in you?


It is blessing. Wow bro I warmly congrats you over you achievement. What about Erections in the early morning?


Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don’t, I don’t bother thinking about them. But then again, if I add up that recent times are kind of stressful for me, I’m not putting my mind to the fact that perhaps I more often don’t get them than I do. One has to look at the overall status of his life - you general well-being affects such things as well.


I was halfway 100 which is up to Day - 50 and then I relapsed and I do remember that the glow on my face was awesome like I had pimples and now they are all gone.

Another benefit I noticed that was Energy in me that helped me waking up in the morning and I always wake up late but now I am waking at 6 am or sometimes 5 am or 4 am.

Insecurity was gone a little bit but still I am insecure.


Soo, guys, what about the remainder of you? What benefits have you experienced from your longest streaks, or what would you expect from 100 days?
@ChristianMan @piyushchandak @Adioz_aka_Adidas @mradio, let us know!


Bro I never completed 100days(nofap) in my whole life.
My highest streak is only 21days long time back. That time I am very much social as well as I was workaholic.
That time my consistency in habits are great without any gaps.
I have done workout almost 6months that time. (With some gaps for rest too)
But as my schedule changed everything gone. I didn’t pre-planned for the day when changes may happen.
I was in totally different world where there is no negativity inside my head as well as my perspective towards women also changed that time.

I just want to go back to same days but my routine is messed up. It’s like I can’t live without p.(very badly addicted :point_left: thats how I feel)


Hello. I am with you also… I want thé challenge to reach 1000 days by God’s grace of nofap…


So for me and my longest streak. I usually notice improvements in my
1.energy levels i.e higher energy levels.
2. Clear and sharp thoughts.
3. A certain belief in myself always pops up.
4. I start feeling more alive.
5. Mood.
6. Extreme desire to be successful.

Sorry for the late response.
That’s some of the things I feel during my longest streak.

Yeah when I get to 100days I would want to see.
1.high confidence levels.
2.improved facial hair.
3. Desire to socialize more.
4. No more brain fog.
5. Sharper reasoning.
6. No more stuttering when make oral statements, I want my vocabularies to connect immediately.
7. I want to see myself taking more difficult challenges with little or no atom of fear.


Dude I’m getting so lazy with posting lol. I’m literally dreading moving my thumbs for some reason. I needa put some sun on my skin XD.
Benefits recieved in my 14 day streak:

  • Acne started to disappear
  • Eye contact was super easy
  • I wanted to talk to people
  • I took my crush to homecoming so confidence was +++++
  • Started to want GOD again
  • Spiritual status improved overall

What I expect from 100 days

  • Everything from above
  • Easier to control urges
  • Wayyy closer to GOD
  • Super close to my best friend / kinda gf
  • Maybe tell her that I’ve had this addiction but I’ve beaten it for 100 days
  • I’d like to write 2 songs and start writing a book during this time

The list goes on, but you get the point :smiley:


Looks like we’re slowly growing - @Lionelsoh, welcome! Since we’ve been on this topic, you can see that there are certain idea of what all of us have benefitted or expect to benefit by getting to 100 days.

Is there anything you expect to see once you get to 100 days? :smiley:


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