Feeling strong urges

how to overcome urges

Ghar se bahar bhag Jaa…


Its simple, You have energy now
Which needs to be transformed or transmute.
How to do it ?
Answer is : 1. Do Yoga. Start with 5 breathing excercises then do basic postures yoga which opens all our joints.
2. Play some game with your friends. I mean outdoor games.
3. Study . Start solving math problems or read a science book.
4. Sprinting. So you can drain that energy. Only one rule here drain energy increase energy.
5. With increased energy. Do meditation. Unlock your inner peace.

Finaly Urge goes away.


Sahi kaha bhai ghar par akela baithe baithe mutthi marne ka man karta ha.
Public mein to ye muthi marga nahi. Kyoki muthi koi accha kam to hain nahi.

Are bhai kyon apni energy waste karte ho.