Feeling strong urge to peek once

Guys tell me something to divert my mind. I’m getting very strong feelings to open p4rn site at least once in a day and check if the models I usually follows has uploaded any new video… My mind is saying to itself " Don’t be so strict on yourself, come on buddy, let’s peek once. Aren’t you curious about that so and so model “”

Help me :sob::pray:

You are on No Peeking Challenge…remind about it… postpone that urge for tomorrow


Look, no one has a “magical trick” to get out of urges. When urges comes its all up to you actually , how you face it or how you react to it.
Follow the basics to beat urges as everyone advices.

  1. Cold shower
  2. Do something else
  3. Keep yourself happy.
  4. Remember a single peek can destroy your streak.

Now if you say I have tried it and still failed. Then I would say make a strong mindset so that you don’t react to urges! :grin:

Let’s see how you gonna face it.


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