Feeling sorry for yourself after relapse

I been into this for about 3 years , been trying to stop this for about 2 and half years. I resist my best but it seems impossible. When there’s a turn on i forgot everything about my goals.but just after i masturbate i feel sorry for myself and think why i do it.

For like a 2 years i was not into porn , but i do a lot of masturbation. I watch porn sometimes only. But from last year i am on to porn too.i doesn’t know why that happened

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Joe only you know why
maybe there have alot of pressure, add to that quarantine, COVID, so it definitely was harder than previous years
Thing dig deep and find the reason, and find a way to deal with it
What we should all do, I still failing to do
Is build up positive habits, invest your time in something good and fun, u can’t fight a bad habit by just magically quiting it, u need positive habits to take its place. Good luck man

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