Feeling like such a junkie. Does it get any easier?

I am currently on day 3 for the second time now. Im feeling pretty terrible and down in the dumps (basically feeling the withdrawal).
I have seen people say a few times somewhere that week 1 is the most difficult in some respects.
Is this true?

Feel free to send some motivation my way!


Up to 4 days the terrible feeling is lasting. Resist and after that it will get better.

I felt the same. 5th and currently 6th is better.


The first week is the toughest, the withdrawls can be brutal. After you get through the first week it will start to get easier, the fog will begin to clear. Try to focus on possitive things and always remember why you are doing this. You want to change your life in a possitive way and you will. Just take it one day at a time, you can do this!:muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Thank you for the kind and positive words! :pray:


Buddy it seems hard at first but after the first week you get better and stronger,make sure you keep your brain busy focus on other more interesting stuff

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You are just 3days in & feeling withdrawal, no my friend it’s not true
Go outside gym swim what ever physical activity you can do, just do

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