Feeling like sh#t!

Hey there! I wanna tell something! I met a person today! We were classmates in childhood! I met him and he had so glow on his face! Like man! He has never did pon or masurbaion !
But the thing is now iam feeling so low! And even depressed after seeing him! Iam like subtly comparing myself to him! And I feel like iam nothing! What am I even doing? And he is like super brilliant, creative, and is like always engaged in drawing, writing and in spiritual practices also. Seeing him I feel like sh
t! Neither iam studying, neither some creative thing etc. WtH! What should I do! Please tell anyone!


Comparing yourself to him might be like comparing apples and oranges. So for starters stop doing that

You can instead focus on yourself.

Coming to his talents of creativity and stuff, some people are interested and some are not. Its normal. Do what makes you happy. But don’t compare


What if Apple wants to be like an orange?:disappointed:

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I get what you are saying here, but I also understand @The_wild_perception 's response (which by the way I think is great advice), so I’ll try to weave the two together.

Let’s say that you are the apple, and this guy that you saw is the orange.
You noticed that he is a great orange. A fantastic orange. Man, you really wish that you were an awesome orange like that. Don’t we all?

The problem is, you’re an apple. You can’t be an orange. It doesn’t matter how hard you try or what you do, you will never be an orange.

But that’s good. The world already has a great orange, now it needs you to be a good apple. So be the best version of you. Be a great apple. A great apple isn’t any better or worse than a great orange in terms of quality.

The only person you should compare yourself to, is you! Be better than you were yesterday. Do that over and over, and before you know it people will look at you and think, “wow, I wish I was that great”.

One more thing. Everyone has problems of one kind or another. You are comparing his best, your ideal of him, to your worst.
Yes, you have some problems and have made some mistakes. I have too. Don’t forget that you have good attributes as well.

Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

You can do this! Best of luck on your journey :+1:


Bro, if you want to compare your life to something, then compare it with mine. I am in Gaza right now and hundreds of people are dying daily around me. Yesterday I went to my old school which is now being used as a camp for people who lost their homes and livelihood. I saw children crying and walking around because their parents were not around (they left the world forever), I saw grandparents who are waiting for the body of their youthful children to be taken out from the broken down building rubbles, I even lost my uncle and his six year old daughter is asking for him and crying.
Do you know how blessed you are to be alive and safe? You have all your family around you; they are not dying, you don’t have to be afraid or worry about when will death arrive, you don’t have to worry about loosing your home.
Most nights I am not able to sleep because I hear the sound of rockets and bombs destroying the homes of hundreds of people, taking away parents, children and grand parents of hundreds of families.
Now do you feel insecure? Now, understand the blessing that you have and live your life. It can end anytime. The fact is, you don’t even need a war to loose your friends, family or even your life. This moment is all you have. It is ending, one second at a time. This comparison etc are all totally meaningless. Be grateful for this ordinary moment that you have, for yourself- just the way that you are!


Thank you so much bro! Now I could understood @The_wild_perception also , that what was he saying! And thanks to @The_wild_perception and @Sergeant and @JonSnow001 Thanks for great point of views and advices!


First of all,stop comparing yourself with him. Once a great man said, probably he is Abraham Lincoln, told his son’s teacher to teach him " You shouldn’t feel anyone is superior to you,at the same time,you should never feel you’re superior to all"

This sentence has a deep meaning if you analyse. It teaches us why not to compare us with others. Remember there’s always a better person than you in some skills or knowledge,and you are always better than someone in some way. So take my words,you are as good as he is.

Just change your perspective.

I always feel happy for that guy you are talking about. He is living proof of the benefits that
nofap has. Now I’m more determined to follow nofap than ever before


This will answer your question even more nicely

So i had this schoolmate of mine right. I used to envy him cuz girl I loved, was chasing him. So i wanted to be him. But as time went on, I realized that copying what he did was making me frustrated.

So i decided why not just be a better me. I joined a gym, socialized and im pretty much great now. Also im doing good on nofap.

My point is… Its ok to be an orange, as long you want to be a better one.


This is something very true! Everybody is a different person! I got the point bro , thank you!

Hey bro. I totally understand your situation cuz even I’ve been through it. I also respect the advices that others have given you. I think it’s okay to compare as you can use him as your motivation to succeed. Don’t try to be like him but try to become the best you. In that way, you’ll become better than him.


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