Feeling Good after completing a month of Nofap!

Hello Warriors!
Today I completed 30 days of nofap and the feeling of not having done that shitty routine of PMO has made my life easier. I must tell you that I didn’t expecty myself to reach the target of 30 days of nofap but I did it. It seemed very difficult ok day 1 but it has become just the opposite, i.e. very Easy.

Nofap is the best way of life.

  1. You don’t have to worry about deleting your browser history.

  2. You don’t hesitate to hand over your phone, laptop to anybody cause there is nothing to hide.

  3. You don’t have to rely on such pseudo pleasures of PMO for happiness, instead you start realising that real pleasure lies in achieving small little things, making people around you happy, working hard for something that matters to you and the world.

  4. You don’t feel lazy. The unwillingness converts into willingness and determination.

  5. You start seeing the difference between a fapper (Beta-male) and a Nofapper (Alpha-male).

  6. You are hit with the realisation that all you did while PMOing is promoting a shitty business of a shitty industry which exploits women and children for money, so much so that their whole existence becomes a curse in the eyes of society.

So stop PMO and Start Nofap because there is a lot out there in the world that needs exploring and discovering, which otherwise won’t happen when you are staying at home just so you can watch Porn and thrust your dick for a few seconds pleasure! Then curse yourself for doing it.

My mantra that has kept me on this streak is- “Forget your dick and forget your ego till you achieve something in life, that brings you respect, glory and pride.”

I am not saying that achieving 30 days of nofap is a humongous deal but being able to do it has made me determined like never before to convert this streak to 300 days!

Whenever I remember any model or any porn scene I say this mantra to myself and breathe deeply 10 times, and the thought vanishes. Try this and you’ll be amazed to see that your will to nofap becomes stronger day by day.

Goodluck to you all warriors. Make your mothers and fathers proud and become Men that every girl would want rather than someone who Wants every woman!

Best of luck with your Nofap.