Feeling exhausted

I was scrolling through an app that sells a lot of things I saw some sensual images of several users evaluations. This is causing me extreme urges and I feel bad for feeling affected for that. I don’t have problems with masturbation, but I can’t get rid from pornography and sensuality. I feel very ashamed and hopeless. I’m going to write down my confessions about my struggles, I hope it helps me.


Hold on Buddy, we are here… You know you will get disappointment and guilt after you Relapse… So don’t :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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The real battle starts now buddy :crossed_swords:
You have to deal with these things, the devil will always try to knock you down in 100 ways but you are stronger than that! :muscle:

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Thanks brothers. Yesterday and today I relapsed watching porn and I’m feeling less worse than I was. I know if doesn’t mean that I’m better, but it’s just the effects of the dopamine that was increased by the images and videos I watched. I’ve never had this feeling before. My streak was 149 and despite all trash that I’ve seen I’m going to start again hoping reach at least the double. All the best!

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